The accounting prices for palladium established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from August 1 to August 17, 2020 are as follows:

dateCost of one gram of palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %Cost of one troy ounce of palladium, US dollars (at the rate established on a specific day by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation)Dynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period107,028,788,001,46

Graph of the dynamics of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation discount prices for palladium (August 1-17, 2015)

It is important! The results of dynamic changes for palladium are as follows:

  • the accounting price for palladium in terms of one gram of precious metal increased by 107.02 rubles, which in percentage terms amounted to 8.78%;
  • in dollar terms, the increase over the past period was 8 units, or 1.46%.

Palladium has become more valuable than gold

Last year, the price of palladium jumped by as much as 70%, and earlier this year the price of the precious metal surpassed the price of gold. The price of gold is currently around $1,400 an ounce, and the price of palladium has crossed $1,600 an ounce since September.

Palladium and platinum are used as catalysts to control gas emissions during fuel combustion. Palladium is primarily used as a catalyst in gasoline engines, while platinum is used in diesel engines. In the developed world, gasoline engines have been popular for some time, which has had a significant positive impact on palladium demand. Increasingly stringent emissions standards in Europe and China require a switch to gasoline engines. On the other hand, supplies of pallatium are limited, with Russia and South Africa being the largest producers, which is one of the key factors for the constant rise in prices.

In this situation, the biggest obstacle to further growth in palladium prices is the recent slowdown in global economic growth and the protracted trade war. These factors could negatively impact the automotive industry and therefore the demand for palladium.

The price of palladium is showing no signs of falling yet, but negative economic data from the US released last week sends a warning signal. However, if the US economy continues to expand and China and the US reach a trade agreement, there is a significant likelihood that the price of palladium will continue to rise in the coming period.


Palladium quotes under compulsory medical insurance, established by Sberbank of Russia for the Moscow region in the period from August 1 to August 17, 2015, are as follows.

For purchasing precious metal:

dateThe cost of purchasing one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period76,007,03-3,570,03

For the sale of impersonal precious metals:

dateSales cost of one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period64,005,05-16,60-1,97

Chart of palladium quotes dynamics under compulsory medical insurance in Sberbank (August 1-17, 2020)

It is important! As a result of the dynamics of palladium quotations under compulsory medical insurance at Sberbank of Russia, the indicators are:

  • in ruble equivalent they show stable growth in all areas;
  • in dollar equivalent are reduced due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Palladium rate in Sberbank today

The palladium rate in Sberbank for today, 08/14/2020 is relevant for remote service channels (ATMs, Internet and mobile banking, using bank cards) in all regions of Sberbank of Russia presence.

To obtain more accurate quotes, we recommend calling our toll-free number.

Last data update: 08/14/2020 13:00 Moscow time.

MoscowPd4810 +355345 +35
Saint PetersburgPd4810 +355345 +35
Maykop, Republic of AdygeaPd4810 +355345 +35
Barnaul, Altai regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Blagoveshchensk, Amur regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Astrakhan, Astrakhan regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Belgorod, Belgorod regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous RegionPd4810 +355345 +35
Bryansk, Bryansk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Ulan-Ude, Republic of BuryatiaPd4810 +355345 +35
Vladimir, Vladimir regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Volgograd, Volgograd regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Vologda, Vologda regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Voronezh, Voronezh regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Makhachkala, Republic of DagestanPd4810 +355345 +35
Chita, Transbaikal regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Ivanovo, Ivanovo regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Magas, Republic of IngushetiaPd4810 +355345 +35
Irkutsk, Irkutsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian RepublicPd4810 +355345 +35
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Elista, Republic of KalmykiaPd4810 +355345 +35
Kaluga, Kaluga regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Cherkessk, Karachay-Cherkess RepublicPd4810 +355345 +35
Petrozavodsk, Republic of KareliaPd4810 +355345 +35
Kemerovo, Kemerovo regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Kirov, Kirov regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Syktyvkar, Komi RepublicPd1763 -452111 +55
Kostroma, Kostroma regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Krasnodar, Krasnodar regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Kurgan, Kurgan regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Kursk, Kursk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Leningrad regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Lipetsk, Lipetsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Magadan, Magadan regionPd4810 +355345 +35
‎Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari ElPd4810 +355345 +35
Saransk, Republic of MordoviaPd4810 +355345 +35
Moscow regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Murmansk, Murmansk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Naryan-Mar, Nenets Autonomous OkrugPd4810 +355345 +35
Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Omsk, Omsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Orenburg, Orenburg regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Orel, Oryol regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Penza, Penza regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Perm, Perm regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Vladivostok, Primorsky KraiPd4810 +355345 +35
Pskov, Pskov regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Gorno-Altaisk, Altai RepublicPd4810 +355345 +35
Ufa, Republic of BashkortostanPd4810 +355345 +35
Rostov-on-Don, Rostov regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Ryazan, Ryazan regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Samara, Samara regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Saratov, Saratov regionPd4810 +355345 +35
‎Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-AlaniaPd4810 +355345 +35
Smolensk, Smolensk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Stavropol, Stavropol regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Tambov, Tambov regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Kazan, Republic of TatarstanPd4810 +355345 +35
Tver, Tver regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Tomsk, Tomsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Tula, Tula regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Kyzyl, Republic of TyvaPd4810 +355345 +35
Tyumen, Tyumen regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Izhevsk, Udmurt RepublicPd4810 +355345 +35
Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Abakan, Republic of KhakassiaPd4810 +355345 +35
Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - YugraPd4810 +355345 +35
Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk regionPd4810 +355345 +35
Cheboksary, Chuvash RepublicPd4810 +355345 +35
‎Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous OkrugPd4810 +355345 +35
Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)Pd4810 +355345 +35
Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugPd4810 +355345 +35
Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl regionPd4810 +355345 +35

VTB 24

Palladium quotes under compulsory medical insurance at VTB24 Bank from August 1 to August 17, 2020 changed as follows.

By purchase:

dateThe cost of purchasing one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period90,007,480,480,33

For sale:

dateSales cost of one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %Sales price of one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period90,007,01-2,44-0,14

Chart of palladium quotes dynamics according to compulsory medical insurance at VTB24 (August 1-17, 2020)

Palladium in bullion and metal bills - price in Sberbank rubles per 1 gram

The palladium exchange rate established today at Sberbank of Russia allows citizens to purchase the precious metal on favorable terms and, thus, save their savings from possible waste in crisis situations. Palladium cannot guarantee citizens fabulous profits in a short period of time, but this opportunity to purchase bullion or open compulsory medical insurance will ensure the safety of citizens’ savings.

The modern economy is quite unstable, so many people think the option of investing their savings in precious metals is very profitable and safe.

Issues of the profitability of investing money in palladium will be raised, taking into account the choice of form of acquisition of the precious metal.

Current price of a gram of palladium in rubles today

The maximum known value of the metal in the entire history of trade in this metal was recorded back in 2014. Since that time, the demand for the asset has been constantly growing and Russians often choose this particular metal to invest their money.

Today, the price for palladium in Sberbank in rubles per gram is set taking into account the indicator that is formed on the London Precious Metals Exchange.

Despite the assurances of numerous experts, the price per gram depends not only on the state of the country’s economy, but also on how much the metal is used in industry and other areas. Today, Sberbank offers its clients to invest savings in the following way:

  • Buy Pd bars. When choosing this option, the client must decide in advance where the metal will be stored and receive a special certificate certifying the authenticity of the precious metal.
  • Buy palladium coins. In fact, we are talking about the same ingots, but with an original and even artistic design. Sometimes there are coins interspersed with other precious metals.
  • Opening of compulsory medical insurance. The most economical and convenient option, allowing you to get money very quickly. The disadvantage of this option is the inability to obtain insurance for the deposit. If there is a sharp change in quotes, the client will lose most of his savings.
  • Acquisition of shares in a palladium mining company. This option is suitable for people who have significant savings.
  • Signing a futures agreement, but this option is not entirely acceptable for the Russian market.

Course dynamics. We are building a forecast of prospects

At Sberbank, the exchange rate for palladium per 1 gram in rubles forms a general chart, which, in turn, reflects the dynamics of prices for this metal, taking into account a decrease or increase in demand. The status of compulsory medical insurance for the owners of such accounts fully depends on the price quotes for palladium.

Some experts compare investing in palladium as a kind of game on the stock market, but the first option has its advantages. There is no need to monitor the set course for the metal and constantly analyze the data obtained.

If we compare the data, the cost of palladium in September 2020 was 1.6 thousand rubles per gram, and in January 2020 it was already 2.1 thousand per gram. In February, the rate dropped again to 17.5 thousand rubles. Thus, it can be noted that the volatility of palladium is not completely stable, although some trends are observed in this direction.

Buying palladium bullion

As already noted, palladium can be purchased in different ways. One of the most popular is the purchase of bullion. It is important to emphasize that one should focus on the price for 1 gram of palladium in rubles in Sberbank, established for the sale of metal.

Even before making a purchase, you should carefully study metal prices over the past few years or at least a month in order to calculate how profitable such an investment is.

Ingots in the SB RF are offered in standard sizes: 5,10,20,50 and 100 grams. Taking into account the weight of the product, its price will be determined. The price of the bullion will also include VAT, since the sale of metal is a transaction subject to taxation.

Smaller bullions are in demand today, since novice investors cannot afford to buy a large amount of the precious metal at once. The situation is similar with the sale of palladium.

Palladium OMS: step-by-step opening instructions

Investing in palladium by opening an OMC is another way to purchase the precious metal.

In fact, palladium products remain in the bank, and information about the purchase of a certain amount of palladium appears on the depositor’s account. We will give recommendations for opening compulsory medical insurance step by step:

  1. Find out where you can get the service and go to the nearest bank branch;
  2. Contact the manager and consult regarding the terms of the program;
  3. Inform the amount that will be invested;
  4. Sign the appropriate agreement;
  5. Deposit funds into your Sberbank account;
  6. Pick up your copy of the agreement, which contains all the terms of cooperation and the account number.

Source: https://sbank.online/news/cena-na-palladiy-na-segodnya-v-sberbanke/


Palladium quotes under compulsory medical insurance at Gazprombank from August 1 to August 17 look like this.

For purchasing impersonal precious metals:

dateThe cost of purchasing one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period98,728,626,021,28

For sale:

dateSales cost of one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %Sales price of one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period109,118,626,661,28

Chart of dynamics of palladium quotations under compulsory medical insurance at Gazprombank (August 1-17, 2015)

What do experts predict about the palladium price in 2020?

The news that palladium has become the most expensive precious metal in the history of mankind has attracted public interest. In this regard, precious metals market experts provided a forecast of what will happen to the palladium rate in 2020. Experts say that if you follow the growth dynamics since 1977, you can see palladium prices have reached their peak values ​​6 times. It is expected that over the course of six months, prices for the precious metal will decrease slightly compared to the historical peak reached on January 17, 2020.

Experts noted that the growth dynamics will change in the second half of the year, exceeding the current maximum. There are many factors contributing to this state of affairs. The main reason for the increase in the exchange rate is that palladium has begun to be actively used in mechanical engineering as an exhaust catalyst. Thus, the precious metal is necessarily present in all cars developed in modern times.

By 2020, the demand for palladium increased due to the fact that it became more in demand in jewelry production, as wealthy people decided to stand out in society in a way that was more inaccessible to other people. The cost of palladium in Russia should reach 1.8 thousand dollars per ounce (28.34 grams). It is assumed that a short-term price of $2 thousand is possible. The probability of such an event is extremely low, since the growth of the exchange rate is stable, but it is not completely ruled out.

Alfa Bank

Indicators of the cost of impersonal palladium according to compulsory medical insurance at Alfa-Bank, recorded in the period from August 1 to August 17, 2015, are as follows.

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By purchase:

dateThe cost of purchasing one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period89,957,450,330,24

For sale:

dateSales cost of one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %Sales price of one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period89,957,10-1,85-0,11

Chart of palladium quotes dynamics under compulsory medical insurance at Alfa-Bank (August 1-17, 2015)

Palladium price per 1 gram in rubles Sberbank - purchase rate in bullion or compulsory medical insurance

The financial institution provides its numerous clients with the opportunity to invest their savings in a special type of deposit - an impersonal metal account - compulsory medical insurance.

To open it, you will need to buy one of the proposed valuable metals - silver, gold, palladium or platinum.

This article provides information on such an issue as the palladium exchange rate today in Sberbank of Russia, what are the features and advantages of this form of investment.

Price for 1 gram of palladium in rubles Sberbank today

This metal falls into the category of one of four precious metals that can be used to organize an investment portfolio. The product, along with gold and silver, can be purchased without any problems at a financial institution. Exact quotes change twice a day.

You can invest your savings in different ways. It is possible to choose the best option for yourself, based on personal preferences and goals. Among the main ways to obtain investment are:

  • Purchase of bullion.
  • Opening of compulsory medical insurance.
  • Purchasing investment coins.
  • Purchasing special futures settlement contracts.
  • Investments in official shares of companies engaged in metal mining.
  • A bank client can purchase metal bars or special commemorative coins.

At the same time, you can open an official compulsory medical insurance, taking into account the current Sberbank exchange rate for palladium per 1 gram in rubles at a particular office of a banking institution. It is worth noting that standard futures transactions and stock purchases are exclusively the responsibility of modern exchange companies.

How to open a palladium compulsory medical insurance?

The process of registering a personal metal account for metal is relatively simple. You will need to do the following:

  1. You need to find out which branch provides such a profitable service and go to the office.
  2. Find a specialist on this issue and read the terms of the offer.
  3. It is required to indicate the amount that needs to be officially invested in the metal.
  4. Signature of a special agreement.
  5. Withdrawing the amount to a bank account - by transfer from a personal card and in cash.

You must take the completed agreement with you in one copy. This document indicates the personal account number, and also specifies the basic conditions for interaction with the bank.

If you have a bank card on hand, compulsory medical insurance can be opened remotely without any problems. For this purpose, you will need to exit the Deposits and Accounts sub-item, and then go to your own section of the metal account, where palladium is located, the price in Sberbank for 1 gram in rubles is affordable. In this tab, you need to create a special application by filling out the required fields.

As soon as the application is reviewed, the specialist will inform you at what time it is being considered. The employee will tell you what time you need to come to the office to sign a special official agreement.

The organization has all the necessary information regarding trends in the increase and growth of the cost of metal sold.

Palladium exchange rate dynamics

With an increase in the exchange rate and certain quote changes, metal accounts with a given metal change in direct dependence on the direction of the previously designated trend. This type of deposit can be compared to a financial game on a regular stock exchange, but it differs in the presence of certain advantages. Among them are:

  • No need to monitor exchange rates;
  • There is no need to independently collect and analyze information;
  • There is no need to pay for the services of professional managers and numerous experts.

You can track the palladium quote on the institution’s website. Simply select the appropriate tab. Metal quotes are constantly changing; they can change several times a day. The only thing that can be noted is the fact that in the long term the exchange rate is growing, which makes the investment quite profitable.

How to buy palladium bullion?

If you want to invest in metal, you can do this by purchasing standard and measured ingots made from this metal. Bank clients are offered several options for measuring bars of this element to choose from. Weight ranges from 5 to 100 grams. The price of palladium in Sberbank today in rubles per gram also fluctuates depending on the weight.

During the acquisition process, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay not only for the bullion itself, but also VAT. If the owner decides to sell the asset, the amount of tax paid will not be refunded. In other words, the bullion can bring profit only when choosing a long-term investment and even more when opening compulsory medical insurance.

Investing in precious metals by opening an account or actually purchasing bars and coins is the best solution. The investor independently chooses the investment option.

In order to make the most informed choice, it is necessary to carefully analyze changes in the cost of quotes per gram, study forecasts and dynamics, and also take into account the tax features of all planned operations.

Source: https://banks-wiki.com/poleznye-instruktsii/kurs-palladiya-v-sberbanke.html

Bank opening"

Quotations for impersonal palladium under compulsory medical insurance at Otkritie Bank in the period from August 1 to August 17 look like this.

By purchase:

dateThe cost of purchasing one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %The cost of purchasing one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period68,005,79-1,730,00

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For sale:

dateSales cost of one gram of unallocated palladium, Russian rublesDynamics compared to the previous day, %Sales price of one troy ounce of unallocated palladium, US dollarsDynamics compared to the previous day, %
General dynamics for the period121,0010,0323,094,55

Chart of dynamics of palladium quotations under compulsory medical insurance at Otkritie Bank (August 1-17, 2015)

Main ways to invest in palladium

You can earn money in several ways. Not everything can be applied through Sberbank, where the intention to acquire cannot be realized:

  • Futures contract;
  • Shares of companies that play a significant role in palladium mining. Russian Norilsk Nickel owns more than 40% of the world market. This circumstance serves as an additional impetus for Russian investors to invest in this particular asset, which will maintain stability without being too exposed to foreign influences.

Through Sberbank you can invest in palladium:

  • Coins. You will have to pay a slightly larger amount than for an ingot of the same weight, because the coin has a certain artistic value. But the gift in the form of a palladium coin clearly claims to be original;
  • Ingots;
  • Compulsory medical insurance

Buying bullion

For the pleasure of becoming the owner of a standard ingot weighing 3,500 grams, with the price of palladium in Sberbank today (in rubles per gram) being over 2,000, you will need to immediately shell out a very decent amount. You need to have a much smaller amount to buy a measuring ingot, the lightest of which weighs 5 grams. However, a palladium ingot will require a number of additional costs:

  • Immediately you need to add 18% to pay VAT. When selling a palladium bar to a bank, you cannot count on a VAT refund. Therefore, to make a profit you will have to wait until the rate rises more significantly;
  • It will be necessary to provide storage for the expensive ingot, including in order to keep it in good condition, so that the value does not decrease because of this. Sberbank provides conditions for storing palladium, but you need to pay extra for this.

Opening of compulsory medical insurance

Opening an impersonal metal account seems to be the most rational and hassle-free. The palladium purchased in this way is virtual, so you don’t have to worry about its safety and pay extra for it. And you can purchase from 1 gram of precious metal, which is not so expensive and is available to any Sberbank client. You can find out in detail about the advantages of such accounts from the following videos:

If you have any questions, please let us know Ask a Question

An application is submitted to Sberbank Online, and after receiving a positive response, an employee of the financial institution informs you when you can sign the agreement at the nearest branch.

You can also contact a bank branch directly, having first found out whether they provide such a service (this is not done in all branches). Here you will be informed about the conditions of the program. Having named the amount planned for investment, the client will sign the agreement, after which he will transfer the required amount to his Sberbank account in a convenient way.

Average prices table

  • by month
  • by days
  • on years
MonthPrice, USD
August 20202 195.25
July 20202 040.1999999999998
June 20201 930.8249999999998
May 20201 906.05
April 20202 103.45
March 20202 164.65
February 20202 350.15
January 20202 195.6
December 20191 859.85
November 20191 739.8
October 20191 718.8
September 20191 596.2
August 20191 440.75
datePrice, USD
14.08.20202 188.1000000000004
13.08.20202 193.25
12.08.20202 156.1
11.08.20202 211.0
10.08.20202 272.4
09.08.20202 206.45
07.08.20202 218.9
06.08.20202 262.55
05.08.20202 197.25
04.08.20202 158.95
03.08.20202 140.0
02.08.20202 135.25
31.07.20202 142.35
30.07.20202 153.3
29.07.20202 259.7
28.07.20202 364.0
27.07.20202 353.4
26.07.20202 293.8
24.07.20202 258.2
23.07.20202 221.8
22.07.20202 203.6
21.07.20202 165.3
20.07.20202 083.25
19.07.20202 061.55
17.07.20202 040.65
16.07.20202 021.0
15.07.20201 994.9499999999998
14.07.20201 989.55
13.07.20202 040.1999999999998
12.07.20201 995.95
10.07.20201 976.4499999999998
09.07.20201 978.1
08.07.20201 947.3
07.07.20201 932.1
06.07.20201 940.15
05.07.20201 923.15
03.07.20201 921.7
02.07.20201 922.75
01.07.20201 934.6999999999998
30.06.20201 940.05
29.06.20201 905.95
28.06.20201 889.3
26.06.20201 869.85
25.06.20201 862.5500000000002
24.06.20201 915.35
23.06.20201 941.3
22.06.20201 925.4499999999998
21.06.20201 910.1
19.06.20201 906.0
18.06.20201 916.65
17.06.20201 923.25
16.06.20201 950.35
15.06.20201 922.95
14.06.20201 925.0
12.06.20201 941.15
11.06.20201 936.1999999999998
10.06.20201 956.0
09.06.20201 996.2
08.06.20201 993.25
07.06.20201 965.85
05.06.20201 955.75
04.06.20201 897.6
03.06.20201 978.0500000000002
02.06.20201 997.15
01.06.20201 965.0
31.05.20201 939.7
29.05.20201 913.8
28.05.20201 924.0
27.05.20201 948.3
26.05.20202 007.65
25.05.20201 996.5
24.05.20201 983.05
22.05.20202 010.95
21.05.20202 094.15
20.05.20202 117.05
19.05.20202 068.7
18.05.20201 975.95
17.05.20201 873.35
15.05.20201 831.1999999999998
14.05.20201 777.95
13.05.20201 793.55
12.05.20201 847.4499999999998
11.05.20201 859.75
08.05.20201 842.65
07.05.20201 818.4499999999998
06.05.20201 764.05
05.05.20201 784.55
04.05.20201 854.9
03.05.20201 873.55
01.05.20201 906.05
30.04.20201 997.4499999999998
29.04.20201 931.3
28.04.20201 892.3
27.04.20201 952.2
26.04.20201 996.75
24.04.20201 979.7
23.04.20201 957.75
22.04.20201 890.0
21.04.20201 947.75
20.04.20202 131.1499999999996
19.04.20202 120.0
17.04.20202 126.1
16.04.20202 138.15
15.04.20202 152.4
14.04.20202 192.55
13.04.20202 136.9
12.04.20202 060.2
09.04.20202 095.65
08.04.20202 103.45
07.04.20202 132.3999999999996
06.04.20202 078.5
05.04.20202 120.0
03.04.20202 117.65
02.04.20202 137.45
01.04.20202 199.35
31.03.20202 267.0
30.03.20202 164.65
29.03.20202 159.45
27.03.20202 185.0
26.03.20202 204.0
25.03.20202 063.9
24.03.20201 762.55
23.03.20201 545.9499999999998
22.03.20201 562.4
20.03.20201 546.8000000000002
19.03.20201 483.0
18.03.20201 479.65
17.03.20201 510.0
16.03.20201 557.9
15.03.20201 581.3
13.03.20201 708.05
12.03.20201 889.05
11.03.20202 271.75
10.03.20202 368.8500000000004
09.03.20202 333.15
08.03.20202 469.05
06.03.20202 464.15
05.03.20202 420.9
04.03.20202 380.85
03.03.20202 413.55
02.03.20202 483.95
01.03.20202 468.5
28.02.20202 584.5
27.02.20202 726.5
26.02.20202 668.0
25.02.20202 596.4
24.02.20202 559.95
23.02.20202 611.4
21.02.20202 605.3
20.02.20202 609.95
Data is provided for the dates on which the auction took place. Therefore, there is no data for weekends and holidays.
The table is too large to display on the screen.
YearPrice, USD
20202 074.75
20191 499.8000000000002
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