Which cryptocurrencies to invest in? – new rating from Weiss Ratings
The Weiss Rating agency has published a rating of cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH top the list
Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings, does not support Warren Buffett's stance on cryptocurrencies. He considers,
Another crypto revolution: the blockchain banking market has soared to a record $3 billion
Preface Imagine a train containing humanity. Ahead of the train is a locomotive. In his cabin
Blockcloud ICO Review and BLOC Token Analysis from Crypto Briefing
Author: Magnussen Brief description: cross-chain between Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Lisk, Waves, the 6th blockchain so far
Shapeshift - exchange review and user reviews
Despite a certain decline in the popularity and demand for digital coins, many users continue to use them
How events developed around the R3 Corda blockchain platform between the April announcement and the publication of the code at the end of November
R3, the largest consortium of banks, abandons blockchain technology R3CEV, the largest blockchain consortium of banks and
false resistance breakout
We find bull traps and make money
What is a false breakout Types of false breakouts 1. Classic bullish and bearish traps
Simple about the complex: What is Security Token Offering (STO)
Security token changes the rules of the game in the crypto world
STO or Security Token Offering – what is it, what are the main advantages and disadvantages.
Legal regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia and around the world
Today we will talk in which countries Bitcoin is allowed and the features of this technology in
Germany, financial concern, payment system, wirecard, deceived shareholders
Wirecard fraud led to freezing of funds on Payoneer cards
Deceived Wirecard shareholders go to court Photo by Michaela Handrek-Rehle/Bloomberg via Getty Images “Scandal of the Century”
Tether cryptocurrency
Tether review: differences from the dollar, cryptocurrency status, contradictions
Tether is one of the most “boring” cryptocurrencies, if you evaluate it from the point of view of dynamics
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