Best Dash Mining Pools

Dash is a top cryptographic currency, the value of which is growing due to the fact that the coin has a good level of capitalization. The project was developed back in 2014, and the crypt was called XCoin. After some time, it was renamed Dash. Currently, you can mine crypto using old video cards. The cryptographic unit is open source. The main task is the anonymity of transactions made in the system. Which Dash mining pools are more profitable to use?

Which pool to choose for Dash mining

It should be noted that Dash does not accept the typical algorithms that are widely used by other cryptocurrencies. Instead, preference was given to X11, which provides 11 hashing functions. Despite this, there are a number of difficulties in obtaining Dash, which are associated with a special mechanism - Dark Gravity Wave. In this case, the smoothness of the changes is ensured.

The first 2 million coins were mined in just 2 days after the project started. This was due to the fact that there was an error in the source code. Against this background, heated discussions arose about the injustice of such a situation. The developer quickly corrected the problem, but no one returned the active coins.

You can use the following methods to mine Dash:

  1. Using a central processor or video card.
  2. Through special cloud services.
  3. Using special hardware (ASICs).

The mining process is possible using video cards such as Radeon and Nvidia. Specially used algorithms not only reduce the amount of energy consumed by 2 times, but also update the necessary drivers to the latest versions, which improves the functioning of the system.

To receive a normal income, you must first install the program and specify the correct settings.

DASH Mining Equipment

You can mine DASH using a processor, video card and ASIC devices. Due to the growing complexity of the network, mining on central processors is increasingly unclaimed, since their power is not enough to obtain any significant result.

For mining on video cards, models from Nvidia and Radeon are used. Mining is not possible on weak video cards, so before starting work you need to invest in purchasing suitable equipment. When choosing a video card, you need to be guided by the following parameters:

  1. Video memory volume. The more video memory, the better. Video cards with less than 2 GB of memory will not be able to provide the required results.
  2. Memory speed. A video card that has DDR-5 memory standard is best. They provide the best balance of power and energy consumption.
  3. Tire. Equipment with a 256-bit bus is best suited for mining.
  4. Cooling. A powerful active cooling system greatly prevents overheating and equipment wear.
  5. Overclocking This function allows you to increase the power of the video adapter.

You can also use ASIC devices to mine DASH. They are an application-specific integrated circuit and provide a type of processor that is designed for only one purpose. ASICs are a popular choice for developing cryptocurrency systems as they can provide higher efficiency than CPU or GPU miners, resulting in increased profits.

Each ASIC device is designed to support one specific algorithm and allows you to mine only those coins that use that algorithm. To mine DASH, you must use a device that works with the X11 algorithm. When choosing an ASIC, you should also pay attention to hashrate efficiency and power consumption.

List of Dash mining pools

For mining, you should choose the best pools for Dash mining:


This option is indispensable for those users who prefer to engage in the process together.

Among the most popular pools, Hash Power and Nicehash should be highlighted. In this case, coins are mined through common efforts, and the resulting profit is divided equally between the participants who participate.

Many services have the ability to automatically switch to the crypto that is currently in the top, being the most in demand.

What is a pool

With the growing complexity of mining, Internet resources have appeared that unite the efforts of miners. They distribute the hash selection task among participants and send the finished keys to the blockchain. When one of the participants in the mining pool manages to solve the hash, the reward for closing the block is distributed among the participants in proportion to the computing power they used during joint mining. For this purpose, all balls sent during hash selection are taken into account.

The Dash mining pool charges a small commission for its services, but increases the chances of receiving a reward and ensures a smooth flow of coins to the miner’s account. Workers (computers and farms of pool participants) with low hashrate rarely find valid hashes. The pool pays them for the likelihood that sooner or later their decision will be correct.

Rating of Dash mining pools

The following pools should be included in the rating of services that provide the opportunity to provide team mining of crypt:

  1. Antpool.
  2. suprnova.
  3. F2pool.
  4. Coinmine.

These pools are only suitable for owners of farms running on X11 video cards. The platforms conduct fair calculations and provide the opportunity to receive stable rewards.

When choosing pools, you should pay attention to criteria such as the power of the available equipment. It is imperative to take into account the system for assessing and distributing profits, currencies and withdrawal methods.

If you have any questions, please let us know Ask a Question

To start working with the selected pool, you need to go through the registration process, download and install the program, and make performance settings. Mining should begin after testing the functionality. The easiest way to set up a pool for Dash mining is on ASIC.

How to mine through a pool

You need to start by registering on the pool website and indicating the address for withdrawing earnings in the appropriate field of your account.

To mine coins, you will need a computer with 64-bit Windows and a powerful AMD or Nvidia video card. Instructions for mining on video cards look like this:

  • download and unpack the sgminer (for AMD) or ccminer (for Nvidia) application;
  • update video card drivers;
  • when using ccminer, download and install a new version of Visual C++;
  • in the sgminer folder, find the bat file with settings and edit it: specify the worker name and password, pool address and port;

  • run the program.

The best pool

The most popular and convenient pool for mining dashes is Antpool. It is the largest service organized by the Chinese company Bit MainTech. It is here that more than 20% of all world mining capacity is concentrated.

Among the main advantages of Antpool are:

  • High quality Russian translation.
  • Payment of earned cryptographic currency daily.
  • Multi-level system for assigning rewards to users.

The pool involves the use of the built-in Hash Nest system - cloud mining. Thanks to it, coins are mined using a method such as hashrate or contract.

General information about Dash

The Dash cryptocurrency, or as it is often called by Russian-speaking users - Dash, Dasha, appeared in January 2014. It was first introduced as Xcoin, later as Darkcoin. And only in the early spring of 2020 it received its current name. It plays on several concepts - “digital cash”, which means digital money, as well as “rapid movement”.

Dash's code was originally written by Evan Duffield alone. Very quickly he managed to assemble a successful team around the project, after which the creation process accelerated significantly. When creating the currency, programmers took all the best from Bitcoin and supplemented it with their own developments. The developers present Dash not as an ordinary cryptocurrency, but as an international payment system. Their plan is to make digital currency so clear and easy to use that people of all ages can use it without problems.

Dash and Bitcoin - what are the differences?

  • Dash uses several cryptographic algorithms;
  • Dash boasts higher transaction anonymity, although it is still difficult to compare with Monero in this regard.
  • When mining Dash, electricity consumption is an order of magnitude lower.

Also, unlike Bitcoin, the creators of Dash do not hide under fictitious names, and the entire team is listed in full on the official website. In addition to Evan Duffield, there are highly professional managers, programmers, PR people, testers, including:

  • Ryan Taylor;
  • Andy Freer;
  • Holger Schinzel;
  • Timothy Flynn and others.

Official website of the Dash cryptocurrency

Making changes to the network

Dash development occurs in concert with all members of the system. Each participant can propose their own project to improve the system. Masternode operators vote on whether to accept it or reject it. And if they decide that the idea is worth implementing into the system, the developer will receive funding for implementation. To do this, a so-called “superblock” is generated once a month. If not a single idea finds a response, then 10% of the coins simply will not be generated.

Dash rate

The cryptocurrency capitalization today is more than $2 billion. And one coin costs about $280. Dash is traded on all well-known exchanges, the most popular of which are:

  • Bitfinex;
  • Kraken;
  • Poloniex;
  • C-Cex.

Active growth in value began in early spring 2020, when many services actively began offering the opportunity to pay for goods and services with Dash coins. How the Dash rate grew against the dollar can be seen from the following chart

How did the value of Dash change in dollars?

The most relevant and profitable pool

The most current and profitable Antpool pool operates through PPLNS, PPS and Solo modes. Payments are made for a certain period of time with or without a commission, which depends on the settings.

You can use team or solo mining without losing your team. Using modern mining platforms, you can mine cryptocurrencies without making any preliminary settings. All necessary changes are made automatically, so the user does not need to study the system in advance.

Pools overview

The official website of the coin on the page lists all approved pools, and it is this list that you should focus on first.

Among the most popular pools, we highlight MinerGate - it charges a commission of 1%, has a simple, intuitive interface and statistics, allows you to choose from a large number of cryptocurrencies and exchange them for bitcoins automatically.

In general, pools differ little from each other; when choosing, you should focus primarily on the pool’s reputation and the commission it charges, then on its size and wealth of functions, and the ease of use of the programs it provides.

Solo pools

Modern solo pools are platforms through which you can get dasha alone. Such services are much more popular, as they provide the opportunity to:

  1. Searching for blocks is carried out only using personal equipment.
  2. The block will provide coins belonging to one user.

The only drawback is that it takes a lot of time to create one block. In a team, the process is much faster.

DASH Mining Pools

To achieve maximum mining results, it is advisable to mine cryptocurrency as part of a pool. There are a large number of pools that allow you to mine DASH, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Antpool for DASH mining

Antpool is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency mining pools. Based in China, Antpool is operated by Bitmain, the world's largest manufacturer of smart ASIC devices. In fact, most of this pool runs on Antminer devices. Antpool launched its first block in March 2014.

Creating an Antpool account is free. However, fees may apply to use the services. PPS, or Pay Per Share, means that users are paid in proportion to the amount of hash stake they contribute to the pool. PPS is considered a stable and predictable way to make money in the pool.

Miners are paid for their work regardless of whether the pool mines new blocks. PPS usually has higher pay. Those miners who prefer to receive payments through the PPS system are charged a commission of 5%.

The PPLNS payment system, or Pay Per Last N Shares, means that earnings are based on the number of blocks that the pool finds. With PPLNS, payouts are tied to the pool's success in finding and adding blocks to the blockchain and receiving coins, as users are paid based on their average hash rate contribution to finding the right combinations over a period of time. PPLNS typically has lower fees than PPS. There is no commission when using this payment system.

PPS+, or Pay Per Share Plus, was introduced at the end of 2020 by many pools. PPS+, like PPS, pays miners sequentially based on how much hashing they contribute to the pool. So the difference between PPS+ and PPS is that PPS+ also rewards miners with a portion of any DASH transaction fees for blocks mined by the pool based on the PPLNS calculation method. The commission when using PPS+ on Antpool is 4%.

Antpool uses the Stratum mining protocol in its work. This means that its servers are distributed all over the world, in countries such as China, Germany and the USA, and pool users are automatically allocated to the servers closest to them for maximum performance.

The daily withdrawal threshold on Antpool has a minimum value that is equivalent to 0.001 BTC. It offers strong security options such as two-factor authentication, email alerts, and wallet locking. Moreover, Antpool has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is largely suitable for beginners. It also has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Nicehash for DASH mining

Nicehash is one of the most popular mining pools in the world. It was founded in 2014 and has gained a good reputation among miners due to its rich functionality and stable operation.

Nicehash takes a new approach to cryptocurrency development that relies on the relationship between sellers and buyers. Users have a total of 3 options for using the service. First, they can sell the hashing power that their mining equipment generates to make a profit. Secondly, miners can buy a package of services for mining a specific cryptocurrency. Thirdly, both options can be combined.

Nicehash customers can choose from two different servers based on their location in Europe and the US. This is done to ensure maximum mining efficiency with the available connection speed. It is worth noting that fixed contracts based on US servers are priced slightly higher compared to European contracts.

Nicehash charges 3% transaction fees based on hashpower. The pool processes this fee on each side; both the buyer and the seller will have to pay a processing fee.

The Nicehash website is available in three different languages. In addition to English, clients can read information in Russian and Chinese. The platform provides detailed information about trading hashes, setting up mining or purchasing cloud mining contracts. The FAQ section is well structured and has answers to most questions that users have.

Nicehash has fairly standard security settings that include secure web pages and two-factor authentication, making the pool strong in terms of security and privacy. However, there is always a risk of the cloud computing service being hacked, so it is recommended not to leave large amounts in the account.

Nicehash has responsive and efficient customer support, which can be reached via email or by creating a ticket on the platform. Most common customer issues are already listed in the FAQ section of the website, making it easier for users to troubleshoot or resolve issues without interacting with the support team.

Setting up pools

After you study the list of top pools, choose the one that suits you best. As a rule, they all work properly. If any inaccuracies occur, please contact support.

There is no need to configure modern platforms. You only need to indicate the type of equipment used.

If necessary, we write additional codes. If the user does not have the necessary skills, then you can turn to the developer for help.

Before you start mining the Dash crypt, you should carefully study all the available services that are used for this purpose. Choose exactly the platform that will match the equipment you are using and your requirements.

How to mine Dash

Dash does not use the SHA-256 or Scrypt algorithms common in cryptocurrencies. Instead, the developers chose X11, which uses 11 hashing functions. The difficulty of coin mining is regulated by the DarkGravityWave mechanism, which ensures smooth changes. The block reward is calculated using a special formula -2222222/((Difficulty+2600)/9)2).

Interestingly, the first 1.9 million coins were mined in the first two days after the launch of the cryptocurrency as a result of an error in the code. This gave rise to a heated debate about the injustice of this approach. The defect was quickly corrected, and the coins remained with their owners.

In total, up to 22 million coins can be mined in the system. Experts suggest that there will be no more than 18 million.

You can get Dash:

  • on the central processor or video card;
  • using cloud services;
  • on special equipment, so-called ASICs.

Dash mining is possible on both Nvidia and Radeon video cards. Moreover, the X11 algorithm, in addition to reducing energy consumption by at least half, also reduces the heat dissipation of the card. The main thing is to first update the drivers to the latest versions. You also need to install the miner program and correctly enter all the necessary settings in it.

You can mine Dash using a video card, processor or ASICs

ccMiner is suitable for mining on Nvidia video cards, and sgminer for AMD. You can mine coins on the processor using:

  • Cpuminer;
  • Minerd;
  • Xcoin-miner.

The following devices are suitable for ASIC mining:

  • Pinidea X11 Miner DR-1;
  • iBeLink DM384M X11;
  • Baikal A900 X11;
  • Pinidea X11 USB DU-1.

Dash Mining Pools

If you want to mine together with other users of the system, connect to one of the pools that allows you to mine Dash. Among the services that have proven themselves well:

  • Nicehash;
  • HashPower.

Since coins in pools are mined through joint efforts, the profit is divided among everyone who takes part in the process. Many pools also allow you to switch to mining cryptocurrencies that are more profitable at a given time.

Cloud mining

To avoid spending money on high-performance mining equipment, you can use cloud services. To do this, we enter into a contract with the selected site to rent a certain amount of capacity.

From verified services:

  • Genesis-Mining;
  • HashFlare;
  • Сoinotron.

The Dash mining profitability calculator will help you calculate how profitable it is to mine coins on the hardware of your choice. For example, You need to enter the hashrate, payment for the pool and electricity, and the service will show the estimated profit for the hour, day, week and month, in Dash, dollars, and bitcoins.

Popular Dash Pools

MinerGate is a fairly popular platform that specializes in the mining of all top digital tokens, including Dash. Among the advantages of the site in question, it should be noted the presence of a Russian interface, as well as the ability to carry out mining through an Internet browser.

Also worthy of special mention is the presence of a smart mining system, which automatically switches between mined tokens. The system automatically switches to those tokens whose mining is currently more profitable. If you wish, you can download a specialized application to your smartphone that allows you to control the process of mining tokens as part of the pool.

In addition, this site boasts a dual-mining system that provides mining of two types of tokens on one video card.

Antpool is a Chinese platform that belongs to a company specializing in the manufacture of ASIC devices. Among the advantages of this pool, it should be noted the presence of a Russian-language interface, the possibility of solo mining, as well as the ability to mine more than ten of the most popular tokens.

Zpool is a fairly popular platform for collective mining. Among the key advantages of this site, it is worth noting the ability to withdraw received income every four hours, as well as the ability to take part in token mining without going through the registration procedure.

Mining Dash

The most accessible method of mining Dash is using a central processor (CPU mining) or video cards (GPU mining). For successful operation, you need appropriate equipment and special software - a miner program. After assembly, the system will need to be properly configured.

For Dash mining using a CPU, Intel products are best suited. If you plan to use video cards, then it is better to get Nvidia or Radeon products. The listed brands will provide the necessary performance.

For software, we can recommend the ccMiner or sgMiner utilities if mining is carried out using graphic cards. When collecting cryptocurrency through the CPU, recommended programs include Minerd, Xcoinminer, CPUminer.

If you take this matter seriously, then you should pay attention to ASIC miners . For comparison, the most popular processor in professional circles provides a power of 0.5 MH/s, the best graphics card provides a performance of 2.5 MH/s, and with ASIC mining you can achieve 900 MH/s. For this method, equipment from Pinidea, Baikal or iBeLink is best suited.

Due to the fairly high cost of equipment, many professionals prefer to join pools to mine coins. Some of the most reliable Dash mining pools include Nicehash, LTCRabbit, and HashPower. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy the equipment - many companies provide it for temporary use. You can rent the necessary capacity by concluding an agreement with one of the companies specializing in this (Genesis-Mining, Coinotron, HashFlare).

In terms of resource consumption, Dash mining is significantly more economical than a similar process for Bitcoin. However, before you start mining cryptocurrency, it is recommended to estimate the volumes and payback periods. To calculate the profitability of mining, special calculators are available on the Internet.

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