What is Bitcoin Mixer and why is it needed?

What is a Bitcoin mixer?

First, let’s define what a Bitcoin mixer is. Essentially, it is a resource that takes on an intermediary role by accepting and sending transactions. That is, in order to “confuse” your translation, you just need to go to the site and send it through it.

It is worth remembering that any such resource charges a fee for its services. As a rule, its value is very loyal, especially considering the opportunities it opens up for users. The average commission size ranges from 1 to 5%. The most popular mixers today are BitcoinFog and Bitpetite. They are characterized by a high degree of transaction complexity, very affordable fees, and a clear interface.


Many users prefer the official Bitcoin Core client, and since it has a high level of security, every modern cryptocurrency user should know the features of its use.

In this review, I talked about how to create a Bitcoin Core wallet and how to use it, I hope my instructions were very clear and useful for you. If you have any questions or want to leave your feedback about the wallet, then I’m waiting for you in the comments. Good luck to you, and most importantly, safe storage of bitcoins!

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How does a Bitcoin mixer work?

The basic operating principle of Bitcoin mixers is already included in the very name of the services. In fact, the technology of such resources is quite simple - like an ordinary kitchen mixer that mixes several ingredients into a homogeneous mass, Bitcoin mixers mix transactions from different accounts.

That is, by sending a transfer through a mixer, you provide it to the service, which in turn mixes coins from other transactions dozens or even hundreds of times, ultimately sending them to the specified recipient address. Thus, a huge amount of data about new transactions appears in the blockchain, among which it is already difficult and even impossible to track the primary and final addresses. Now that we know how a Bitcoin mixer works, let’s look at why and who needs such technologies.

How does a Bitcoin mixer work?

Today, mixing BTC in order to clear coins of personal data occurs using several methods. Among them, two of the most popular stand out: CoinJoin and Tumblers (centralized mixers). It is worth considering their work in more detail, so that in the future everyone can choose a method that is convenient for themselves.

What are centralized BTC mixers

Most anonymization services have a certain amount of bitcoins on their balance sheet. It is with them that user money will be mixed.

The client selects the mixer he likes and transfers the amount of BTC required for purification to his account. There, all coins are placed in a common “pocket”, where they are mixed with the service currency. After completing the procedure, an amount equivalent to the amount sent is returned to the owner. As a result, there is nothing left that could give away its owner.

Most mixers offer clients additional services that ensure anonymity of payments. There are no mandatory recommendations for their use, but there are still certain advantages. With these features, the user can get rid of all unwanted “traces”. The most popular additional services of BTC mixers:

  • Pending transaction. Using this function makes it very difficult to find a specific translation in the general data registry. When money is sent instantly, the transaction can be tracked after an entry is made in the block for the same amount. In the case of a deferred payment, you will have to wait several hours, and sometimes days. During this time, several similar transactions will probably appear in the register, which will completely confuse the pursuer.
  • Selective commission for providing the service. If a third party wants to track a specific movement of funds, then he can do this, having information about the amount of commission charged by a particular mixer. When the system percentage is always the same, the attacker will simply search the blockchain for a transaction received in the recipient's account in the amount of the amount spent from the wallet minus the reward. Randomly generated service fees make this task much more difficult.
  • Multi-transaction. Instead of returning the client’s coins in full at once, the system sends them in several payments using different addresses.

Mixer CoinJoin

This is another type of resource that mixes user BTC. Translations from several people at once are mixed with each other, combining into one pool. Money is then returned from it, distributed among the owners of the wallets. However, I would like to note that such a resource does not delete the entire digital trace.

I'll give a fairly clear example to demonstrate how CoinJoin works. Let’s say there are several clients and they all expressed a desire to make their payments anonymous:

  • Sasha wants to send Lena 0.1 BTC.
  • Olya is going to give Masha 0.7 BTC.
  • Oleg must pay Vlad 0.4 BTC.
  • All senders (in the example these are Sasha, Olya and Oleg) send their coins using CoinJoin.
  • The system combines all three transactions into a common pool and then transfers the required amounts to the recipients. That is, Lena’s wallet will be replenished by 0.1 BTC, Masha will receive 0.7 BTC, and Vlad will see a transfer of 0.4 BTC.

In this case, the coins lose their personalization. It is almost impossible to track transactions. However, some cryptocurrency holders use both CoinJoin and centralized mixers. This allows you to significantly enhance data protection.

Why do you need a Bitcoin mixer?

There is an opinion that Bitcoin mixers are used only by attackers who need to stay in the shadows, or by those who simply launder earned coins. In fact, the situation is somewhat different. Of course, odd users also resort to the services of mixers, but they were originally developed for a wider circle of people.

So, who needs a Bitcoin mixer and why? First of all, such resources should be of interest to ordinary users. After all, even in regular banks, no one can view your personal transfer history or track a specific payment, but in the cryptocurrency environment anyone can obtain this information.

Accordingly, Bitcoin mixers allow everyone to protect their privacy, finances and personal data. For example, no one needs to know that yesterday you sent 10 bitcoins to the account of an online store of intimate goods or bought pills to increase potency.

Besides, no one knows what the future holds. Perhaps the transfer that you made 5 years ago will bring you some troubles in years to come, because it will be in public access all the time. Therefore, if you want to maintain your anonymity, now you know why a Bitcoin mixer is needed and you can use it if necessary.

One of the best Bitcoin mixers in our opinion is blender.io

Several advantages of this service:

— Low commission for services (from 0.5% to 3%);

— Lack of logs;

— Anonymous work (JS is not used);

— Bitcoin mixing occurs through the use of new operating algorithms;

— Quite simple and understandable design for users;

— The user can independently set the distribution amounts and time of transfers;

— Users of the service have access to a mixing code, which guarantees that your transaction will not be mixed with previous ones.

Among other Bitcoin mixers, Blender.io takes a leading position, as it provides modern functionality that other services do not have, as well as increased confidentiality.

Link to the service website: https://blender.io

Link to the site in the TOR network: https://blenderiocpxfema.onion/

Rating of proven bitcoin mixers

There are many searches for worthy offers for mixing your cryptocurrency, but not all services work honestly and according to the stated conditions. From the existing structure, we can distinguish 3 most popular and proven resources. Next will be a brief overview of the Bitcoin mixers from the rating. Each has many reviews online and is used by people all over the world. Below is a short instruction and an overview of the features.


The advantage of the Bitcoin mixer Bitcoinmix is ​​the complete absence of logs after mixing bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Even if desired, it is impossible to obtain information on the original transaction, since the resource completely anonymizes the flow of funds. The official website is located at the link.

To get started, you can watch the video on the main page with a presentation of the site or go straight to work.

On the main page, select the desired currency. Then set the mixing delay and specify the recipient's address.

All that remains is to send more than 0.02 btc to the wallet specified by the system.

After receiving 3 confirmations on the blockchain network, automatically paying a fee for using the Bitcoin mixer and waiting for a delay in mixing, the funds will arrive at their destination completely cleared.

Bitmix biz

The second site in the ranking is Bitmix, which is also popular and is used for anonymity purposes. The principle here is the same, right down to commissions. Here it is impossible to send the same funds received from you to a counterparty. Follow the link to the official website.

You can also watch the video presentation before using it or start mixing cryptocurrencies right away.

On the main page you need to select the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Dash or Litecoin.

After this, the system will ask you to enter data and set settings, because everything happens absolutely automatically.

It is recommended to randomize the commission when mixing, because this way the algorithms allow you to achieve increased anonymity. Then click “start mixing” and wait for the request to be completed.

Smartmixer io

The last of the ratings of cryptocurrency mixers, including bitcoin, is Smartmixer. The trick of this resource is the choice of different pools where the money goes. Funds can be mixed with others from the same participants, additionally mixed with Smartmixer reserve bitcoins and used exclusively on site funds that have already been cleared. Official website at the link.

Watch the video presentation or proceed to complete your translation request.

Specify the desired currency that you intend to use for the transaction.

All that remains is to set similar settings and carry out the operation.

Time to create complete anonymity is important, so wait until the request is executed and the anonymous coins are transferred.

Bottom line

In everyday life, mixing cryptocurrencies is not necessary; in most cases, you can do without it. On the other hand, direct transfers are far from anonymous, because they can be traced to other addresses if desired. Using such resources, you can ensure almost complete anonymity and break the connection between the sender and the recipient. When using a Bitcoin mixer, you only need to pay a commission for the service, but you can receive an absolutely secure transfer. The review highlights the best offers at the moment, ready to work with many popular coins. Use only the best offers and save your money.

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