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What does the company/project do?

FunFair makes online casinos more accessible for both casino owners and players.
Thanks to blockchain technology, the platform allows anyone to operate a casino no matter where they are located or who they are. The platform also provides unparalleled transparency and protection for players and is set to open up gaming across the world. The FunFair platform allows casino operators, affiliates, game developers and players to interact in a way that benefits everyone while providing entertainment and efficiency. With Fun Tokens, Fate Channels, and Ethereum's Blockchain technologies, FunFair makes it all possible.

Get to know the platform

The FunFair platform uses the Ethereum blockchain and protocol to make it easier to create casinos and also more affordable to run them. With this technology, they also play fairer and faster and are able to reach players around the world in a way that other platforms do.

The platform provides a turnkey solution that allows users to create their own casinos in just a few seconds. From there, they can immediately begin accepting players as well as processing payments. Since the platform is decentralized and serverless, there is no risk of operators or players interfering or hackers influencing the system. The fairness associated with FunFair comes from the use of blockchain as well as smart contracts that ensure transparency.

FunFair includes its own Fate Channels technology that delivers games on demand without any delay. The FUN badge makes payments and rewards seamless for all platform members. To top it all off, the games are very efficient, requiring only 10 percent of the network processing costs associated with other block casinos.

Technical features

FUN is a digital token that powers all elements of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. It is used by players to place bets and acts as a reward from the casino. Developers earn FUN for their games, and with the help of the token they can carry out basic processes on the network. Due to the fact that the token is part of the Ethereum blockchain and an ERC20 token, it is easy to send in a short time. Thus, this digital asset is equipped with reasonable contract management on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of individual FUN tokens remains anonymous, however, all fund transfers are publicly recorded and can be tracked using Etherscan or other similar systems for complete transparency.

What should you know about FUN tokens?

FUN is the platform's native digital token and powers all aspects of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. FUN is what players use to bet on and is the reward they receive from the casino. Developers earn FUN for their games, and the token allows key processes to be performed on the network. Phase 1 of the Token Presale was on June 22 and it sold out in just four hours. During this time, the team raised $26 million.

FUN is quick and easy to send because it is part of the Ethereum blockchain and an ERC20 token. This means that this digital asset has intelligent contract management on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of individual FUN tokens remains anonymous, but all transactions are publicly recorded and can be tracked using Etherscan or other similar systems for complete transparency.

FUN is also deflationary since the tokens were created once in a limited supply. Supply will decrease while demand increases, causing deflation. There are currently only 11 billion FUN tokens in existence. The FunFair founders have 2,299,005,566 of them and they are currently locked to be released within 18 months. As of October, there were 4 billion tokens in circulation. 4,700,994,434 FUN are in cold storage.


FunFair (FUN) is a revolutionary platform based on blockchain technology that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to create an online casino in seconds. Thanks to the blockchain and the Ethereum protocol, casinos are connected with a simpler creation process, cheaper maintenance, faster and fairer gaming, and reach more players around the world than any other platforms. Every aspect of the platform, from player bets to operator license fees and developer rewards, is powered by the FUN token.

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What does FunFair give to users?

  • Create your casino in seconds and start accepting players and processing payments without delay.
  • The serverless decentralized platform is protected from hackers and interference from other players or operators.
  • The software uses blockchain and smart contracts, offering unprecedented transparency.
  • Enjoy on-demand gaming without lag thanks to the revolutionary Fate Channels technology.
  • Games require only 10% of the network processing costs of other blockchain casinos.
  • The FUN token enables hassle-free payments and rewards for all platform participants.

Benefits of FunFair

Technology levels

Using the powerful Ethereum network ensures transparency and security. The team added proprietary Fate Channels technology and gaming content to create a flexible, low-cost casino technology solution. Each operator can quickly create, name and offer their own casino based on FunFair to potential clients.

Fate channels and gaming technologies

High-quality games are played for real money in real time at virtually zero blockchain fees thanks to our unique blockchain scaling solution.

Blockchain and smart contracts

A decentralized platform for applications that works as it was programmed without any fraud, censorship or third party interference.

FUN token

Created as an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, the FUN token is already traded on several exchanges and there is more of it than you think. Bet, win, earn or get rewards with FunFair's native coin.

FUN is a native digital token that powers every aspect of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. It is the betting chip that pits the player against the casino, the financial reward paid to developers for their games, and the fuel that powers key processes on the network.

Token functions

  • Sending FUN tokens to another compatible wallet is quick and easy thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.
  • While FUN token holders remain anonymous, transactions are publicly recorded and can be tracked using a tool like Etherscan.
  • The FUN token is a digital asset administered by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Our token model involves a one-time limited creation of coins, which increases the demand for the token and reduces its supply.

Storing FUN in your wallet

Since FUN is an ethereum token, you can store it in your regular Ethereum wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens. The most popular way is to create a paper wallet using MyEtherWallet, read our guide on how to set it up.

You can also use a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger, both store Ethereum tokens so this is the most secure way to store your tokens.

Cryptocurrency FUN

FUN is the platform's native digital token and powers all aspects of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. FUN is used by players to bet and receive rewards from the casino. Developers earn FUN in their games, and the token also allows you to perform key processes on the network.

FUN is an ERC20 token and is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of individual FUN tokens remains anonymous, but all transactions are publicly recorded and can be tracked using Etherscan.

Tokens were created immediately in limited quantities. Supply will decrease and demand will increase, causing deflation.

  • Currently there are only 11,000,000,000 FUN.
  • FunFair's founders have 2,299,005,566 of them.
  • The remaining half of the tokens are in circulation, and the other half are in cold storage.

All FunFair participants will use FUN as tokens for purchases and payments.

Storing FUN in a wallet and mining

Since FUN is an ethereum token, you can store it in your regular Ethereum wallet, which supports ERC-20.

FUN tokens cannot be mined; they are issued at a time in the first block.

What benefits does FunFair provide?

FunFair has benefits for everyone involved in the process, including casinos, players and developers. Casinos will appreciate the low cost due to the lack of server racks and hosting. The installation process is incredibly simple and the team provides ongoing support. Casinos will also appreciate the system's extreme security due to its decentralized software, as well as the user focus that players demand.

Players will appreciate the focus on users, as well as fairness and transparency from the blockade. Gamers will also appreciate the speed of games without lag, and the security that ensures their money or personal information is never compromised. Of course, they will also enjoy the exciting graphics as well as innovative features. Developers will benefit from the ability to lead the way into the future, make money, and create a fair casino system.

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BTCBitcoin854640.71+6719.2514.08.20 18:00
ETHEthereum31171.22+2136.5114.08.20 18:00
XRPRipple21.6338+1.051814.08.20 18:00
USDTTether73.2614-1.022714.08.20 18:00
LINKChainLink1208.25-38.941514.08.20 18:00
BCHBitcoin Cash21321.27+450.414.08.20 18:00
BSVBitcoin SV15410.02+318.4514.08.20 18:00
LTCLitecoin4117.68+95.644914.08.20 18:00
ADACardano10.1499+0.0147314.08.20 18:00
BNBBinance Coin1699.32+129.9614.08.20 18:00 Chain11.9422+0.2321314.08.20 18:00
XTZTezos295.94-15.726514.08.20 18:00
EOSEOS228.96+5.188214.08.20 18:00
XLMStellar Lumens7.5886+0.2434914.08.20 18:00
TRXTRON1.7337+0.2210414.08.20 18:00
XMRMonero6684.83+125.3914.08.20 18:00
ATOMCosmos459.59+44.131514.08.20 18:00
LEOLEOcoin91.4352-2.419714.08.20 18:00
USDCUSD Coin72.9117-0.7225814.08.20 18:00
VETVeChain1.4947+0.0348814.08.20 18:00
MIOTAIOTA28.2069+0.6476714.08.20 18:00
NEONEO1107.64+74.117914.08.20 18:00
HTHuobi Token343.38+8.092914.08.20 18:00
DASHDash6655.08+106.0914.08.20 18:00
ZECZcash6126.85+145.1914.08.20 18:00
ETCEthereum Classic502.22+5.51514.08.20 18:00
MKRMaker53345.99-3855.514.08.20 18:00
ONTOntology60.0255+1.307414.08.20 18:00
XEMNEM4.5513+0.0664514.08.20 18:00
LENDEthLend30.8066-0.0536814.08.20 18:00
ALGOAlgorand51.8873+7.709314.08.20 18:00
HEDGHedgeTrade136.51+0.735114.08.20 18:00
COMPCompound15114.21+451.4914.08.20 18:00
SNXSynthetix Network Token394.38+17.654214.08.20 18:00
BTTBitTorrent0.03492+0.0020914.08.20 18:00
INOINO COIN190.66+1.001814.08.20 18:00
DOGEDogecoin0.25424+0.00136614.08.20 18:00
DGBDigiByte2.3279+0.060114.08.20 18:00
DAIDai73.6102-1.816814.08.20 18:00
BATBasic Attention Token19.8297+0.3335714.08.20 18:00
KNCCyber ​​Network143.54+12.07214.08.20 18:00
WAVESWaves265.16+16.439914.08.20 18:00
OKBOKB436.52+31.262514.08.20 18:00
E.W.T.Energy Web Token856.97-19.824314.08.20 18:00
INBInsight Chain72.8538+1.566414.08.20 18:00
THETATheta Token29.0086-0.4723414.08.20 18:00
ZRX34.5978+1.785614.08.20 18:00
FTTFTX Token255.48+10.622714.08.20 18:00
HYNHyperion75.3737+3.459714.08.20 18:00
ICXICON39.1447+5.756814.08.20 18:00
QTUMQtum223.53+21.709514.08.20 18:00
ERDElrond1.5941-0.018314.08.20 18:00
BANDBand Protocol1005.93-5.42414.08.20 18:00
OMGOmiseGO143.46+16.024914.08.20 18:00
SXPSwipe303.32-24.68114.08.20 18:00
TNCTrinity Network Credit8.4073+0.0993214.08.20 18:00
ZILZilliqa1.8658-0.0561914.08.20 18:00
HBARHedera Hashgraph3.8144+0.1789414.08.20 18:00
RENRen20.7124+0.7063414.08.20 18:00
PAXPaxos Standard Token72.9992-0.7269414.08.20 18:00
REPAugur1564.11-10.490914.08.20 18:00
MINMINDOL97.9256-9.791314.08.20 18:00
ANTAragon490.08+2.030514.08.20 18:00
LSKLisk128.73+2.205814.08.20 18:00
TUSDTrueUSD73.1163-0.9972814.08.20 18:00
LRCLoopring13.1981+2.655214.08.20 18:00
DCRDecred1223.33+29.494714.08.20 18:00
LUNALUNA37.5007-2.516314.08.20 18:00
THRThoreCoin162528.29-2142.8214.08.20 18:00
BTGBitcoin Gold789.59+1.300114.08.20 18:00
BUSDBinance USD73.0639-0.8436214.08.20 18:00
AMPLAmpleforth51.7659-5.631514.08.20 18:00
CKBNervos Network0.644+0.0556414.08.20 18:00
ENJEnjin Coin15.4716-0.3957414.08.20 18:00
RVNRavencoin1.8418+0.1704114.08.20 18:00
STXBlockstack21.6436+1.701214.08.20 18:00
JSTJUST5.199-0.1429414.08.20 18:00
NANONano86.9203+4.284914.08.20 18:00
OCEANOcean Protocol32.7367-0.1087214.08.20 18:00
BNTBancor163.2-9.137214.08.20 18:00
BCDBitcoin Diamond59.4117+0.3583314.08.20 18:00
RLCiExec RLC136.36-19.78114.08.20 18:00
RUNETHORChain68.8691+4.021714.08.20 18:00
FXCFlexacoin0.37516-0.0452214.08.20 18:00
KAVAKava.io316.72+9.531814.08.20 18:00
BALBalancer1504.35+98.853314.08.20 18:00
HOTHolo0.06244+0.000481114.08.20 18:00
BTMBytom7.7994-0.1457614.08.20 18:00
S.C.Siacoin0.24362+0.000609614.08.20 18:00
HUSDHUSD73.0904-0.975814.08.20 18:00
MANADecentraland6.8415-0.4137914.08.20 18:00
MONAMonaCoin140.15+3.79714.08.20 18:00
DIVIDivi5.0008-0.2547514.08.20 18:00
NMRNumeraire3198.42-842.1814.08.20 18:00
XVGVerge0.53563+0.000728314.08.20 18:00
ZB18.0938+0.0791414.08.20 18:00
RSRReserve Rights1.215+0.3186314.08.20 18:00
TMTGThe Midas Touch Gold1.8545-0.1214314.08.20 18:00
QNTQuant674.93+64.451614.08.20 18:00
XDCEXinFin Network0.66413-0.0278114.08.20 18:00
DXDxChain Token0.16162+0.00141314.08.20 18:00
KSMKusama948.9-45.198214.08.20 18:00
SNTStatus2.2655+0.1223614.08.20 18:00
MATICMatic Network2.006-0.000750314.08.20 18:00
TOMOTomoChain104.86-6.371614.08.20 18:00
ZENZenCash771.58+16.478614.08.20 18:00
CNXCryptonex130.99+0.9770314.08.20 18:00
IOSTIOStoken0.4827+0.0211514.08.20 18:00
KMDKomodo59.5285+2.548714.08.20 18:00
BTSBitShares2.3939-0.093314.08.20 18:00
IRISIRISnet8.8613-0.717614.08.20 18:00
CELCelsius29.6648-0.0315414.08.20 18:00
CHZChiliz1.3812+0.0232314.08.20 18:00
XINMixin12600.54-26.712514.08.20 18:00
PNKKleros12.1668-0.0834314.08.20 18:00
VESTVestChain0.71946-0.2043314.08.20 18:00
MCOMonaco393.28+3.423614.08.20 18:00
STEEMSteem16.6781+0.1394114.08.20 18:00
KCSKuCoin Shares76.5339+4.018514.08.20 18:00
NEXONexo10.8562-1.483114.08.20 18:00
CHSBSwissBorg8.4531-0.3592414.08.20 18:00
FETFetch.ai7.6918+0.4485114.08.20 18:00
XZCZCoin528.9-8.064914.08.20 18:00
ANKRAnkr0.98983-0.00768614.08.20 18:00
HIVEHive18.854+0.7661914.08.20 18:00
PNTpNetwork89.4663-10.444214.08.20 18:00
GNTGolem5.5393+0.2621314.08.20 18:00
AOAAurora0.82674-0.059614.08.20 18:00
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AVATravala.com134.29-6.557814.08.20 18:00
ABBCABBC Coin8.9864+0.16514.08.20 18:00
ARDRArdor4.9817+0.00545614.08.20 18:00
UTKUTRUST10.9982+2.166814.08.20 18:00
VLXVelas3.5101-0.0309214.08.20 18:00
UBTUnibright33.1537-0.2542714.08.20 18:00
HCHyperCash108.84+2.628814.08.20 18:00
WAXPWAX3.8023+0.0543114.08.20 18:00
STRATStratis47.8874+1.794814.08.20 18:00
NRGEnergy147.83-7.233514.08.20 18:00
VSYSV Systems2.2566+0.0985614.08.20 18:00
TRACOriginTrail14.535+4.037414.08.20 18:00
ARKArk37.108+2.30214.08.20 18:00
OGNOrigin Protocol37.1145-0.448814.08.20 18:00
SOLSolana260.61-31.74414.08.20 18:00
ELFAelf8.2216-0.1074814.08.20 18:00
RIFRIF Token7.04+0.0763914.08.20 18:00
CENNZCentrality4.8642-0.2393114.08.20 18:00
A.E.Aeternity13.3385+0.2719714.08.20 18:00
CVTCyberVein3.9907+0.094714.08.20 18:00
SYSSyscoin7.12-0.0925714.08.20 18:00
AIONAion9.3438+0.2833314.08.20 18:00
PAXGPAX Gold142292.79-1747.714.08.20 18:00
STORJStorj20.7154+3.021414.08.20 18:00
ETNElectroneum0.40071+0.0340614.08.20 18:00
MXCMXC1.589+0.2902914.08.20 18:00
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GNOGnosis3449.29+910.7514.08.20 18:00
DGTXDigitex Futures4.2577-0.5121714.08.20 18:00
NPXSPundi X0.01563+0.000251114.08.20 18:00
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DATAStreamr DATAcoin5.0538+0.3736314.08.20 18:00
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BCNBytecoin0.01787+0.000964114.08.20 18:00
GXCGXChain50.4355-0.1923714.08.20 18:00
CELRCeler Network0.84663+0.0578714.08.20 18:00
POWRPower Ledger7.7239+0.2599814.08.20 18:00
SEROSuper Zero Protocol11.4606-0.2249614.08.20 18:00
IOTXIoTeX0.67058+0.0241114.08.20 18:00
VGXVoyager Token14.4586-1.868514.08.20 18:00
SOLVESOLVE9.433+0.0653714.08.20 18:00
FTMFantom1.4565-0.0195214.08.20 18:00
COTICOTI5.3948-0.4664314.08.20 18:00
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E.L.A.Elastos175.63-2.990414.08.20 18:00
XWCWhiteCoin11.8634+0.100914.08.20 18:00
A.G.I.SingularityNET3.5556+0.0865914.08.20 18:00
RDDReddCoin0.10128+0.00796214.08.20 18:00
DADDAD23.2683+2.166214.08.20 18:00
VTHOVeThor Token0.10686-0.00119414.08.20 18:00
ORBSOrbs1.2962+0.026114.08.20 18:00
ENGEnigma37.7251-1.600414.08.20 18:00
NECNectar17.8759+1.17214.08.20 18:00
WTCWalton40.1948+1.956314.08.20 18:00
GTGatechain Token39.3847-0.0124614.08.20 18:00
REQRequest Network3.3359-0.1577814.08.20 18:00
WRXWazirX12.0269-0.8859614.08.20 18:00
BEAMBeam39.9029-1.354314.08.20 18:00
S.W.T.H.Switcheo3.6173+0.1016914.08.20 18:00
TFUELTheta Fuel0.70042-0.0104714.08.20 18:00
EURSSTASIS EURS84.006-1.510514.08.20 18:00
NIMNimiq0.40999-0.0285914.08.20 18:00
RCNRipio Credit Network5.1285-0.6374114.08.20 18:00
WINWINk0.008275-0.000387714.08.20 18:00
TTThunder Token0.43794-0.00763614.08.20 18:00
VIDTV-ID55.3691+2.599414.08.20 18:00
FUNFunFair0.38998+0.0106514.08.20 18:00
BCZEROBuggyra Coin Zero1.2616-0.0481914.08.20 18:00
CTXCCortex9.9273-0.6055914.08.20 18:00
MLNMelon1978.44+116.4514.08.20 18:00
HPTHuobi Pool Token0.47575+0.0131414.08.20 18:00
WXTWirex Token0.84007+0.0219914.08.20 18:00
CRPTCrypterium22.7504-0.0536414.08.20 18:00
BLZBluzelle9.4629+0.6110414.08.20 18:00
LBACred2.673-0.287414.08.20 18:00
GRINGrin44.5992-0.5668614.08.20 18:00
C20C2053.8658+1.532114.08.20 18:00
PAIProject Pai1.4664+0.0199614.08.20 18:00
PIVXPIVX37.6773+1.150314.08.20 18:00
FSNFusion45.954+0.4716414.08.20 18:00
LOKILoki42.0625-3.54514.08.20 18:00
ASTAirSwap13.8699+4.211614.08.20 18:00
QBITQubitica2558.9+173.6614.08.20 18:00
MFTMainframe0.21882-0.0061814.08.20 18:00
NASNebulas Token38.7259+1.056414.08.20 18:00
BORABORA2.9615+0.1063914.08.20 18:00
LOOMLoom Network2.0272+0.182114.08.20 18:00
C.S.C.CasinoCoin0.04777+0.000486614.08.20 18:00
DENTDent0.02306-0.000505914.08.20 18:00
PERLPerlin5.3849-0.3114414.08.20 18:00
DRGNDragonchain5.4024-0.0045714.08.20 18:00
TRUETrueChain23.7424-0.1248314.08.20 18:00
POLYPolymath3.5704+0.0768914.08.20 18:00
MTLMetal28.415+1.842814.08.20 18:00
MOFMolecular Future21.4654-3.886814.08.20 18:00
RDNRaiden Network Token35.8886+3.659614.08.20 18:00
DAGConstellation1.4273-0.2789214.08.20 18:00
C.V.C.Civic2.6865+0.143414.08.20 18:00
ONEHarmony0.18445-0.6369714.08.20 18:00
PZMPRIZM0.8496-0.000849614.08.20 18:00
CNDCindicator0.82976+0.00711214.08.20 18:00
QSPQuantstamp2.5977+0.1133614.08.20 18:00
FXFunction X6.9001+0.4304814.08.20 18:00
KINKin0.001026+0.000105314.08.20 18:00
NEXNash Exchange64.7231-3.542914.08.20 18:00
GBYTEByteball Bytes2012.46+13.262614.08.20 18:00
PPTPopulous28.26+0.9021714.08.20 18:00
LAMBLambda1.8533+0.1525714.08.20 18:00
ADXAdEx16.1743-0.3061114.08.20 18:00
KANBitKan0.23263-0.0049114.08.20 18:00
IGNISIgnis1.8671+0.00254814.08.20 18:00
REPOREPO12.8994+12.899414.08.20 18:00
QKCQuarkChain0.65283+0.0362114.08.20 18:00
G.A.S.Gas134.16+3.554214.08.20 18:00
NXSNexus20.2821+1.029214.08.20 18:00
DTRDynamic Trading Rights0.84269-0.0257614.08.20 18:00
ECOREALEcoreal Estate6.163-0.5001614.08.20 18:00
TELTelcoin0.02711+0.00197714.08.20 18:00
NETNEXT31.6267-0.2940714.08.20 18:00
GRSGroestlcoin16.7899+0.2371514.08.20 18:00
UNOUnobtanium5948.32+654.6314.08.20 18:00
VTCVertcoin21.105-0.5409514.08.20 18:00
QASHQASH3.2398-0.0105714.08.20 17:50
FCTFactom121.98+4.619114.08.20 18:00
WINGSWings11.4974-0.7231614.08.20 17:00
ILCILCoin2.0037+0.0330914.08.20 03:30
L.B.C.LBRY Credits2.3939-0.0175213.08.20 03:10
ETPMetaverse ETP13.4367+13.436710.08.20 18:00
METAMetadium0.84003+0.8400311.08.20 03:50
BHPBHPCoin51.4709+51.470912.08.20 03:20
ITCIoT Chain11.8445+11.844511.08.20 16:00
COCOSCocos-BCX0.04245+0.0424510.08.20 11:00
APLApollo Currency0.06988+0.0698810.08.20 14:10
NEWNewton0.04984+0.0498411.08.20 18:50
HPBHigh Performance Blockchain13.9531+13.953111.08.20 21:50
NXTNxt0.99311+0.9931109.08.20 21:20
L.A.LATOKEN2.5455+2.545508.08.20 12:30
DGDDigixDAO5688.49+5688.4907.08.20 06:10
ECAElectra0.0323+0.032307.08.20 18:10
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