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No one will refuse additional profit, but everyone is too lazy to understand complex areas. Now it is worth paying attention to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They are quickly spreading throughout the world, and a huge number of interesting projects are being created using crypto coins.

Bonus satoshi every 5 minutes from , this is an opportunity to collect real money without investment. This service is an ordinary faucet, but even by collecting bonuses you can make money.

In this article we will show you how to use the service, how much it pays out and how coins are withdrawn.

How does work?

This is an ordinary faucet, so it is not difficult to explain the principle of its operation. The site contains a huge amount of advertising. Advertisers pay real money for this. It is from them that payments to visitors are made.

The amounts are not large, but they are available, at least every 5 minutes, unlike many other analogues.

The trick of this project is that the more often the bonus is collected, the more satoshi you get. For example, 20 Satoshi accumulate in 10 minutes, but if you collect them 2 times every 5 minutes, you get 22 Satoshi:

The conditions for bonuses are extremely simple, and collecting them is also easy. It is only worth noting the fact that the volume of accrued Satoshi is constantly changing. Most recently, 11 Satoshi were paid out in 5 minutes, but now this rate has dropped to 5 Satoshi.

Register on

There is no need to create a profile on this site, just enter your wallet number. Recently, the project has connected to the CoinPot system (like many other faucets), so it’s worth going through a separate registration there (if you haven’t done so before):

After entering the wallet number, a captcha check is required and then you are sent to your personal account. Please note that payments will then be sent to the specified address, so you need to use your main wallet.


go to the website at The page opens.

Click on the green sign in subscription button. We are redirected to the registration page.

In the “CoinPot email address” field, enter the address at which you registered with Coinpot.

Be sure to enter your Coinpot registration email

This is mandatory, because in this case, Moon cash will automatically “link” to the Coinpot faucet, i.e. automatically, the withdrawal of the received cryptocurrency on this service will be sent to the Coinpot wallet, from which you will withdraw the cryptocurrency. Next, check the “I am not a robot” checkbox and click on the “Sign in” button.

We are ready to work instructions on how to collect bonuses?

Using faucets is really easy and is no exception. After logging in, a form appears where your wallet number is displayed, and a timer is also presented. The longer you wait, the less Satoshi accumulates on your balance:

As you can see, I have not logged into the system for 3815 hours, during which time I have accumulated 176 Satoshi. If I collected them every 5 minutes, I would have gained this amount in literally a couple of hours. Therefore, it is better to find free time, especially since you just need to click on the Claim Now button:

Before each bonus is credited, a bot verification is required. Enter the usual captcha and the timer is reset. Now you need to wait at least 5 minutes to collect the next bonus. It’s convenient that your personal account shows how much Satoshi has already accumulated:

Pay attention to the last line from the image. This is a function of sound notifications that the bonus is ready. Turn it on so you don’t miss the next collection, this way you can survive as much as possible from the tap.

Step-by-step registration in the MoonDash co in faucet

  • Before registering with the Moon Dash crypto faucet, it is first recommended to create a Coinpot wallet (all payments from this faucet, as well as from other Moon faucets, are immediately credited to the account of this micro-wallet). For more information about the Coinpot wallet, how to create an account in it and how to use it, read the review: Coinpot microwallet.
  • After creating a personal Coinpot wallet, go to the official website of the faucet and on the main page in the center, click the blue “Sign in” button, in the window that opens, indicate your Email address, which was specified when registering in the Coinpot wallet (this way “they will contact » accounts in the faucet and Coinpot wallet) and click the “Sign in” button.

  • Registration in the faucet has been completed and you can start earning money immediately.

The collection of free cryptocurrency takes place in the personal account of the Moon Dash faucet in the “Faucet” tab (under the MoonDash logo).

By going to this page to collect Dash tokens, just click the “Claim now” button in the center of the screen, in the window that opens, solve the captcha from Google and click the “Claim” button in the lower right corner of this window.

The earned Dash cryptocurrency will be immediately credited to the balance of your Coinpot wallet.

How to withdraw bitcoins from

After the system began cooperation with CoinPot, questions like how to withdraw from began to appear even more often. A general account is maintained on the CoinsPot website; it is used to receive bonuses from other resources.

To go to it, you need to click on the balance, and then select the second button:

Your CoinPot account is linked to your wallet number. If you indicated the same Bitcoin address that is registered in Coinspot, then after clicking the button, you will be able to enter your profile, where balances for the most popular cryptocurrencies are displayed.

Each of them has a Withdraw function for withdrawing money:

After this, a window appears where you need to specify some data. First of all, choose the service where the Bitcoin wallet was created. The transfer commission depends on this (in most cases there is none).

Below is a form for entering the BTC wallet number where you want to transfer coins, a field for entering the amount of BTC and an account password for confirmation:

After passing another captcha check and clicking on the button below, the money is transferred to the specified address. Immediately go to your email and confirm the transaction. The minimum amount for transfer is 0.0001 BTC, 1000 Satoshi is also withdrawn if you transfer less than 0.0005 BTC.

Applications are processed within 2 days. Do you want to transfer coins directly to an electronic wallet or directly to a bank card? Then find an exchanger via:

For example, we chose a transfer from BTC to a Sberbank card. Bitcoins will automatically be converted into rubles. From the list of exchangers you need to select the first option, it has the most favorable conditions. Regardless of the exchanger you choose, you will need to fill out a special form:

Indicate the number of Bitcoins that are in your account. Enter your Sberbank card number and fill in other fields (may vary depending on the selected exchange office). Next, a special address for transferring coins is provided:

You need to deposit the specified amount on it, after which the money is immediately sent to your Sberbank card. Any beginner can handle this operation, and the transfer can be made for any amount.

How to make money on faucet moon bitcoin

In your faucet moon bitcoin personal account, you can immediately see all the functionality available to you at the top of the page, as in the figure.

Directly, there are buttons: exit your account, go to paid tasks, statistics on referrals, balance, and by clicking on the “moon” logo, you will go to the faucet itself. On the moon cash and moon dash faucets, there is also a faucet button leading to the cryptocurrency collection faucet itself.

The tasks section looks like this:

There is no this section on the moondogecoin and moonlitecoin faucets.

How to make good money on

The first way to increase profitability from this faucet is to start executing orders. Go to the Offers section, there you will see available tasks, with payment in coins. They will exchange for Satoshi.

Without knowledge of foreign languages ​​it is really difficult to understand, and a translator does not always help to understand the conditions:

It is precisely because of the language barrier that completing the tasks is too difficult. Therefore, the second option for increased earnings is much more interesting. We are talking about an affiliate program.

Click on the Refer button and a window will open containing a link to attract new participants to the system:

Standard remuneration is 50% of earnings. Additionally, you can receive a 100% bonus if your referrals are active. The additional bonus starts at 1% and increases depending on the team's activity.

Use social networks, forums, place banners, this helps you earn passively.


Many articles and comments have been written about this crane. Occasionally information comes out that they pay too little. This is surprising, someone is waiting for “golden flows” from a regular tap, it’s just pointless.

The site is designed to collect small bonuses, whoever understands this just thanks the developers:

Over a long period of operation, this service has gained an impeccable reputation for a reason. There are no problems with payments here, an excellent source of additional income. If you have already used it, then be sure to leave your review of in the comments.

Browser mining on faucet

A special feature is the newfangled browser-based mining, which is available for work only on the moon bitcoin faucet. Naturally, the amount of earnings this way depends entirely on the power of your computer, in particular the processor. To enable earnings in this way, just check the box above the button for collecting Satoshi “claim now”, there you can also set up mining, namely adjust the power of your computer. In this case, you will need to keep the faucet page open, and the income from mining will be accrued the next time you collect satoshi.

When translating faucet moon bitcoin into Russian, you will see the following:

I use the Chrome browser to translate all foreign sites.

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