Best Bitcoin Games in 2020

Cryptocurrency fever has taken over almost all areas of the modern Internet: from serious earnings on financial exchanges to banal entertainment and online shopping. Blockchain technologies have not spared fans of prize draws, lotteries and various gambling games, giving them the opportunity to get popular digital coins.

Along with cryptocurrency faucets, mailers and games Bitcoin lotteries , in which the reward is Bitcoin coins (BTC), a certain amount of Satoshi or other virtual money, altcoins, have begun to systematically increase in popularity. Due to the fairly high degree of confidentiality of cryptocurrencies and the practical difficulty of tracking the movements of such amounts of money, those wishing to play for money were able to once again get the opportunity to earn money, tickle their nerves or lose their savings. In a certain environment of gambling Internet users, Bitcoin lotteries have confidently gained popularity.

Let us examine in detail the most relevant aspects of this type of old, but at the same time extremely modern type of fascinating, and sometimes incredibly profitable hobby.

Bitcoin lottery sites with payouts

Below is a list of sites that allow you to participate in Bitcoin lotteries. At the time of writing this review, they pay and withdraw earned cryptocurrency.

Popular lotteries for playing on the Bitcoin network

Let's look at the most visited lotteries:

  • BitcoinLottery is a recently launched Bitcoin lottery, to participate in which you need to provide a Bitcoin wallet and a current email address. Next, you need to confirm the specified wallet number using a letter that will be sent by e-mail. From now on you can participate in the drawing. To do this, you need to verify in the system and click on the “Win” button in your personal account. The winner is determined randomly, and if you do not claim your prize during the day, this amount will be returned back, increasing the prize pool for the next drawing. The administration strictly ensures that there are no duplicate accounts on the site.
  • in is a Russian free Bitcoin lottery that requires registration to participate. The system has a referral program. The tickets indicate the number and date of the circulation. The winners are determined randomly from the registered user base. After winning, the prize money is credited to the user's account. You can try your hand at three types of games: “Short Lotto”, “Simple Lotto” and “Three on Three”. The game goes round after round until the funds in the general bank run out. There is an instant lottery called Anti-Casino, where you don’t have to wait for the drawing and other participants. To withdraw funds, the user's balance must be at least 0.0003 satoshi.

Winners of Bitcoin lotteries will not have to share with the government a certain part of the amount charged in traditional counterparts in the form of a tax. Therefore, everyone will be able to officially try their luck without paying any fees. This type of income will allow you to earn honestly in gambling. Lotteries will always be popular, since idealists who are willing to risk little money and believe that sooner or later luck will smile cannot be exterminated. Especially when it comes to free Bitcoin giveaways.

Bitcoin lotteries - what is it?

The very unusual phrase “Bitcoin lottery”, taking into account real, ongoing financial processes, means a specific type of money drawing, where the reward is cryptocurrency. As a rule, the prize is Bitcoins or Satoshi, although there are raffles with Ethereum, Litecoin or other digital coins.

Replacing fiat money in lotteries with cryptographic ones allowed gambling organizers to solve several problems that were critical to them:

  • Bypass legislation prohibiting gambling for money outside special zones. Since traditional money is not involved in the lottery, and cryptocurrency is not officially a means of payment in Russia, then, accordingly, there are no legal problems with Bitcoin lotteries yet.
  • Uncontrolled turnover of finances. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, transactions of digital coins are not traceable, which eliminates any control over the income/expenses of event organizers.
  • Ease of operation. Creating an online lottery and making payments using cryptocurrency wallets is very simple. Everything is done automatically or only a few administrative operators are involved.

In general, the system of functioning of Bitcoin lotteries is completely similar to regular lotteries, only the reward here is a certain cryptocurrency. The user transfers coins from the crypto wallet account and purchases an electronic ticket, and after a certain time the draw takes place. According to the results, participants are credited with the corresponding amount of virtual money to their cryptocurrency wallets.

Pros and cons of online Bitcoin lotteries

There are simply no restrictions for those who want to test their luck in lotteries. If in real life they play in national currencies, there is even a chance to win one or more Bitcoins in a free lottery without investing a cent. But many of those who have not tried their hand at lotteries doubt their honesty. In fact, such games turn out to be fair, because when creating lotteries they use blockchain technology, which eliminates any fakes or manipulation of the results of the drawing.

In the system, winning numbers are selected according to a random number determination algorithm, so the winning combination is created randomly. Each lottery participant will be able to double-check the results of any drawing in their personal account, so their results do not change after the end of the game.

Bitcoin lotteries are most often divided into two types:

  • Those that award participants tickets for certain simple actions (such as entering a captcha, visiting a website, and others).
  • They require a certain amount of money to purchase tickets.

Before choosing one of these options, you need to think carefully about all the advantages and disadvantages they provide. To do this, just create an appropriate search query in the browser line, where you can read reviews about a specific resource and learn about the rules of the game. To finally make your choice, you need to check whether the online lottery resource meets a number of criteria, such as:

  • Bright and unusual design.
  • Secure connection.
  • Positive user reviews.
  • Presence of educational information on the site pages.

To win Bitcoins for free, in some lotteries it is not necessary for a person to be directly in front of the TV screen. Each drawing is carried out online at high speed. Let's look at several main lotteries that have already been time-tested and allow you to earn a certain amount of Satoshi.

Features of Bitcoin lotteries

Cryptocurrency lotteries have few key features; they are mainly determined solely by the presence of digital coins in the game. The most important nuances are:

  • Receiving winnings in digital coins adds some peculiarity and additional interest to Bitcoin lotteries, since many people today strive to receive Bitcoin. Also adding some share of popularity is the ability not to pay taxes on winnings.
  • To participate in the game, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet of any type and, of course, Bitcoin, Ethereum or coins of other currencies.
  • There are regular lottery options where the prize pool is minimal, but there are games for which admission must be purchased additionally. Paid sweepstakes are characterized by larger rewards and a greater likelihood of receiving them.
  • The negative features, first of all, include some limited distribution of Bitcoin lotteries. This is explained by people’s distrust of cryptographic money, the difficulty of manipulating digital coins, and the high volatility of virtual currency quotes. The last factor is especially relevant, since any big win today can turn into pennies the day after tomorrow or tomorrow if the existing cryptocurrency suddenly depreciates in value.

Despite the negative aspects, a large number of experts predict Bitcoin lotteries will become popular and widespread in the future. The positive aspects that such pranks have are extremely in demand and popular, especially among regular players.

How legal are Bitcoin lotteries?

In relation to the lotteries in question, a simple rule applies: if digital coins are not prohibited in a particular state, then Bitcoin lotteries are also not prohibited. Bitcoin lotteries are very similar to regular lotteries, as they are based on identical principles. The organizers sell tickets, and the collected funds are used to create a prize fund. The only difference between Bitcoin lotteries and regular ones is that prizes are given out in digital coins.

If the organizers are a legal entity that complies with all necessary laws, then the lottery is legal. Many Bitcoin faucets offer users the opportunity to use the reward they receive to participate in a lottery. Thus, users have the opportunity to either withdraw a reward or try their luck in order to increase their earnings.

For a Bitcoin lottery to be considered legal, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be registered in full compliance with the current legislation of the country of location.
  2. Regularly and promptly pay out winnings to players.
  3. The size of the prize fund must be commensurate with the total cost of tickets sold. If the prize fund is too large or small, then the organizers of such a lottery may turn out to be scammers.

Privacy Issues

Numerous online lotteries in their classic, fiat form actually do not satisfy users with the need to verify their identity and the need to provide real details of bank cards or electronic wallets. Here, Bitcoin lotteries completely eliminate this problem, effectively resolving the worries and concerns of players. No personal information is required.

The most important point to understand in this situation is that the activities of Bitcoin lotteries are not legal in many countries, since cryptocurrencies themselves are not officially recognized as money. Because of this, no data needs to be provided. In addition, you will not need to create a real account containing personal data. It’s enough just to create an account in which the exact number (Bitcoin address) of the cryptocurrency wallet will be saved.

Thanks to these nuances, players are more comfortable participating in digital coin draws than seeking luck in lotteries with fiat money. With cryptocurrencies, everything is confidential and anonymous.

Ensuring a high level of confidentiality

Many online lottery players don't like the fact that they have to provide their own personal details and banking information. Bitcoin lotteries effectively solve this problem because players do not have to disclose any personal information to participate.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the fact that, according to the current legislation of many countries, the activities of Bitcoin lotteries are illegal. It should also be noted that Bitcoin lotteries, unlike their usual counterparts, which request verification of their clients’ documents at certain time intervals, never do this. In order to take part in the lotteries in question, you do not have to go through the registration procedure. Instead, you just need to create a personal account.

It is precisely due to the fact that when participating in such lotteries that no personal information is recorded, players feel much freer.

Can Bitcoin lotteries be trusted?

A completely reasonable interest of players who want to try a cryptocurrency lottery is the reality of the possibility of receiving a reward: whether they will be able to collect the honestly won coins or not. Many users are puzzled by the fact that many Bitcoin lotteries are located in the shadow sector of the Internet, especially since no one necessarily requires real data from players.

Here it is necessary to immediately highlight the fact of mutual trust that exists between the organizers of cryptocurrency draws and the players. Both parties do not require any information when playing, so Bitcoin lotteries are considered an extremely risky activity. This circumstance attracts many scammers into the developing field of crypto-gaming, trying to easily get users’ coins. Moreover, they try to disguise themselves extremely carefully, scrupulously working out all the details of the organized business. Players who fall for such scammers never win or are unable to withdraw the remaining funds and the reward received.

To avoid running into thieves and deceivers in the Bitcoin lottery, you need to study user reviews in detail, discuss services in specialized chats, look at domain information and analyze in detail the operation of the lottery itself. Typically, fraudulent schemes or projects are not difficult to spot if you look at the basic facts!

How legal are Bitcoin lotteries?

Regarding Bitcoin lotteries, there is a simple principle that states that the absence of a ban on cryptocurrency in a country automatically legalizes any activity related to it. Raffles of Bitcoins, Ethers, Monero and other digital money or their “pennies” in the absence of a legislative prohibition are considered permitted.

Since Bitcoin lotteries are an almost complete analogue of lotteries with fiat rewards permitted in the Russian Federation, the organizers need to properly design the events. If all the rules are followed, then the law is not broken. Users can participate and win crypto coins, increasing their own wealth.

It is important for participants not to get involved with fraudulent schemes, since they result in loss of invested funds and also exclude the possibility of receiving rewards. As a rule, legal Bitcoin lotteries meet the following conditions:

  • Availability of registration documents that comply with current legislative acts.
  • Full, timely, and regular payment of all winnings to participants.
  • The prize fund is adequate for the tickets sold. Advertising colossal prizes announced long before the draw should always raise doubts. Likewise, it is not recommended to get involved with meager rewards. Both of these factors indicate some kind of “gray” scheme.

Scammers and Bitcoin lotteries

Separately, it is worth analyzing the presence of a mass of thieves, deceivers and other criminal elements in areas where digital coin holders are concentrated. Bitcoin lotteries are a wonderful field of work for them. Here users are gambling, euphoric, often greedy, with dull attention. In addition, they visit services with Bitcoin lotteries, having a certain amount of cryptocurrency. All circumstances minimize the efforts of scammers to quickly empty other people’s crypto wallets and quickly disappear.

In addition to the typical scam with fake sites or blatant non-payment of winnings, there are 2 most common methods of deceiving gambling holders of crypto coins. Moreover, the victims are often not players themselves.

  1. Cryptocurrency owners who have lit up their cryptocurrency wallets somewhere are sent messages about their victory in a Bitcoin lottery with a prize fund of, say, 10 BTC. A man, overwhelmed with joy, tries to get a random win that came to him without participating in any lottery. The organizers write that it is required to transfer 0.5 BTC to cover all commissions and transaction costs. Users, heavily intoxicated by imaginary happiness, send funds, and the “administration” of the draw instantly disappears.
  2. This scheme is similar to the first one, but here, under various distracting manipulations, scammers lure out crypto wallet data, including the private key. The super-lucky victim posts the data, and the storage account is instantly reset to zero.

There are many such actions, and the loss of digital money here is entirely due to the carelessness or negligence of the users themselves. It is necessary to strictly adhere to security principles when working with cryptocurrency.

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