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I have a black card in my wallet. It doesn't have my name on it, it has 16 numbers embossed in gold. This is not a credit card or an ID card. It allows me to carry and spend hundreds, thousands and even millions of US dollars. There is cryptocurrency on my card that I can use wherever I want. Once through customs, I realized that I could easily carry the equivalent of a million US dollars with me.
This is not a theoretical card, not a beta test, it is in my wallet and I used it at the Yixing Xuan tea shop during my trip to Singapore. It took about 5 seconds to top up the card with bitcoins and transfer the local currency to the restaurant. The crypto point of sale (XPOS) scanned my card with just one touch. This black card provides a glimpse of the future and has the potential to completely change the way we think about the payment system, which could help increase the value of the token by 2.5 or even 10 times by 2021.

Most cryptocurrencies focus on increasing the number of users who hold their tokens. But they do not provide the opportunity to spend them. Retailers will accept cryptocurrency when they see it being used like regular currency. This month's recommendation is Pundi X, which creates a system and crypto cash registers known as point-of-sale (POS) devices. There are already 5,500 POS terminals available in 25 countries and Pundi X has processed more than 60,000 transactions on them within the first 6 months of their launch. Pundi X plans to produce and sell 100,000 POS devices worldwide by 2021.

In any store, POS is an important piece of equipment that makes it possible not only to pay for goods, but also performs many other tasks. The terminal prints checks, performs tax calculations, conducts accounting, returns, accrues bonuses, discounts, etc. In addition, it processes several forms of payment at once: cash, credit and debit cards, and checks. This is quite difficult for one currency, but if you add cryptocurrency to the mix, the level of difficulty increases significantly. Accounting, taxes, staff training - everything is interconnected. Pundi X has created a cryptocurrency-based POS system that integrates with existing systems and makes it easy to accept new forms of payment.

Dozens of companies today enable customers to accept payments in cryptocurrency, but most do this through an app or website. Pundi X terminals are designed specifically for large enterprises. Pundi X demonstrated the demand for cashless payments with the launch of the Pundi-Pundi app (meaning “wallet” in Indonesian) in 2020. Indonesians can use it to pay for purchases using QR codes, as well as borrow money from the app to make a purchase. Credit cards are not common in Indonesia, which helped it get 100,000 downloads and 20,000 active daily users. After the launch of Pundi X (ICO), the cryptocurrency raised $17 million in 2 hours on January 21, 2020.

To make a payment, you simply prepay into the Pundi X app on your phone or use a black card with tokens. Transactions are completed almost instantly, on average 0.5 seconds (regular Bitcoin transactions take 10 minutes or more). If the client does not have cryptocurrency or a black card, the purchase can be made online or directly at the POS.

Pundi X XPOS

XPOS is one of the most affordable POS systems on the market, costing $300; ​​similar systems typically cost at least $1,000. XPOS has the ability to perform credit history checks, which allows merchants to offer small loans to customers. This is especially important for Pundi X's first target market: Indonesia, where only 4% of the population has credit cards and 64% don't even have bank accounts.

Features of Pundi X (NPXS)

The Pundi X team plans to begin distributing its new POS devices in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia. The main reason the firm is targeting Southeast Asia is that over 73% of people here do not have a bank account.

These POS devices will allow users to directly purchase tokens or use tokens in their wallets to purchase items. The POS will be a smart device that will connect to the Pundi X blockchain. According to the team, the Ethereum-based Pundi X blockchain will have many advantages over Bitcoin ATMs such as;

  • Smaller and compact sizes
  • Lower cost
  • Portable so good for traveling traders
  • The system will be open to developers
  • Plans to distribute more than 50 thousand devices annually

The team developed a device to connect to the Ethereum blockchain with Xplugins with two layers. There will be a communication layer that provides the purchase request. Another block will record the sale transaction.

The platform will also be able to connect small shops to the blockchain. The platform is designed in such a way that developers from all over the world can set different transaction fees depending on the country in which they are located.

They hope to become the largest cryptocurrency network in the world. Since POS devices are offline, the firm hopes to make offline purchases using virtual currency more common and easier.

For convenience, the company produces several different types of Pundi X terminals and specialized devices that can be used by various services. Also based on the platform, it is planned to implement other technologies that provide ease of asset management and comfortable user interaction.

Black Card (XPASS)

Pundi X has already shipped 50,000 black cards (also known as XPASS) and has orders for at least 250,000 more. To pay with a card at the POS terminal, NFC is used; to make a purchase, simply swipe the card near the terminal (contactless technology).

The card does all the necessary work, encrypting the private key directly on the card (this gives access to your cryptocurrency). The key can be used to store and pay for cryptocurrencies: NPXS, BTC, Etheruem and Binance. There are plans to add other coins. For comparison, when I deposited $100 into the XPASS ATM, I was charged a 1% commission, and when buying Bitcoin at an ATM, the commission was 8%. XPASS is expected to sell for $1, but in 2019 the company is giving away XPASS for free to increase popularity.

Mobile application Pundi X (XWallet)

There are two ways to use Pundi X:

  1. Using an XPASS card
  2. Using the XWallet mobile app

Users install the application on their phone:

Enter your email and password and you can purchase NPXS, BTC, ETH and BNB. They can then start shopping from merchants who use XPOS. Transactions happen almost instantly thanks to the wallet being pre-funded. Users can also use XWallet to purchase cryptocurrency.

Pundi X Converter

You can buy Pundi X (NPXS) profitably on the following exchanges:

Binance.com ( you can buy NPXS here via BTC or ETH ). About Binance ; You can buy Bitcoin or Ether profitably here . More details here.

The main goal of this platform is the enhanced integration of cryptocurrencies into our lives. Simply put, the development team wants to create the most convenient conditions for ordinary people to use cryptocurrencies. One aspect of the integration is the original Pundi XPOS mobile and stationary payment terminals. Stores that have these devices will be able to easily accept your payment from any cryptocurrency and traditional wallets, including Alipay, Bitcoin wallets, etc. The device currently supports BTC, ETH, XEM, QTUM and ACT(Achain). The second very important aspect of the integration is the XPASS payment card. It works exactly the same as regular credit cards. This card contains your private keys and the information on it is encrypted. In addition to the main payment card, there is a security card. It is intended solely for activating and unlocking the main card.

The entire Pundi X ecosystem is built on the Ethereum platform, and the NPXS tokens that are used within the ecosystem to pay fees are ERC-20 tokens. All tokens that are currently on the market are the result of the ICO project. Moreover, you can notice that the coin emission reached only 30%, this is due to the peculiarities of the ICO. The fact is that when purchasing, say, 100 NPXS tokens during the ICO, the buyer was credited with only 30 coins, the remaining 70% will be credited monthly over the next 3 years. This mechanic is a security measure to prevent enterprising individuals from multiplying their investments over a short distance.

Pundi X in action

Until this time, merchants were reluctant to accept cryptocurrency for two reasons:

1. Crypto volatility, which could cost them money

2. Transactions took too long

XPOS solves these two problems, transactions will be carried out in local currency, an online dashboard allows you to send funds directly to their bank account. The mobile application functions like regular debit and bank cards.

The Pundi X's first real test came in September when it was used at Taiwan's largest music festival, ULTRA Taiwan.
Over 30,000 cryptocurrency and music fans used XPASS cards and Pundi X POS systems to purchase everything from merchandise, food, and t-shirts. This festival was perhaps the only concentration of large amounts of cryptocurrency to date. More than 30,000 transactions were processed across 35 XPOS systems. It was an effective launch of Pundi X, and XPOS terminals are now used all over the world. Video: How Pundi X (XWallet) works

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On October 30, 2020, a new terminal will Pundi X cryptocurrencies .

The situation on the cryptocurrency market

Today, cryptocurrency is still the domain of a few; the majority of network users are completely unaware of the use of this digital currency. Only one percent of the world's population knows how to use cryptocurrency, which is why a large number of problems arise in this area.

One of the most pressing problems is payment for virtual services and goods using cryptocurrency. Only a limited number of physical stores and organizations offer cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods for certain goods and offers.

Way out

The creators of the Pundi X project have developed a method that allows you to pay for a variety of goods and services with cryptocurrency. With this system, almost every physical store can accept and sell cryptocurrency.

Distinctive features of the Pundi X project

Compared to similar systems, Pundi X is distinguished by the presence of a ready-made, actually working model. The basis of this project is the creation of a special terminal for paying for virtual goods and services (as well as in offline stores) for cryptocurrencies.

The terminal allows you to pay for goods from a personal Pundi X account using a Pundi X card and an account in this system, as well as purchase and transfer cryptocurrencies. You can pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies using your mobile phone and bank account.

The system works according to a specific mechanism: each user who uses and is connected to Pundi X has a personal account and a system card through which purchases are made in Pundi X terminals. After which, thanks to the use of Pundi X POS technology, all terminals are united into a single network according to type of blockchain.

What is the purpose of PONI X POS solution?

The main areas of operation of the system include:

  1. Transferring offline stores to the digital plane - the ability to buy cryptocurrencies using a standard bank card, mobile phone or bank account (you can also use Pundi X Pass);
  2. Selling cryptocurrencies using a bank card or fiat;
  3. Improvement of the online payment system;
  4. Top up your mobile phone account with cryptocurrencies;
  5. Payment of utilities for cryptocurrencies;
  6. Payment for purchases in regular stores using cryptocurrencies.

Characteristics of the initial placement of tokens

The initial offering of tokens will begin on October 30, 2017, during this event PXS will be distributed, and the value of this token is calculated using the formula: 1 ETH = 500 PXS.

To participate in the ICO, you must register via email on pundix.com, where all the latest events and the best offers from developers will be displayed. At the end of the event, token holders will receive additional income in the form of PXS monthly for three years. Up to forty percent of additional tokens will be sold in one year.

At the same time, the Bounty program will operate; two percent of all tokens sold will be reserved for this organization.

The approximate distribution of tokens looks like this:

  1. Special support (10%) – 560 ETH;
  2. Twitter support (8.5%) – 476 ETH;
  3. Facebook support (8.5) – 476 ETH;
  4. Transfers (7.5%) – 420 ETH;
  5. Publications in various sources (5%) - 280 ETH;
  6. Publications in Telegram (5%) - 280 ETH;
  7. Average competition (2.5%) – 140 ETH;
  8. Collaboration with LinkedIn (2%) – 112 ETH.

The project team


This actively developing project is aimed primarily at expanding the capabilities of the blockchain and introducing this system into the lives of ordinary users. You shouldn’t deny additional income through the use of Pundi X terminals.

According to the developers themselves, in just a few years the number of cryptocurrency users will reach one hundred million, and the number of system terminals will amount to thousands of units.

Follow the project news and ICO conditions:

Official website : https://pundix.com/

WhitePaper project :

Thread on the Bitcointalk forum : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216833.0

Author's profile on BitCoinTalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1161774;sa=summary

Facebook : https://facebook.com/pundixlabs/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/PundiXLabs

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Exit outside the outlet

If Pundi X reaches its goal of installing 100,000 POS terminals by 2021, the implications will extend far beyond the crypto payment network. Every XPOS device is based on blockchain, Pundi X has the potential to become the largest and most secure blockchain network in the world. Pundi X has developed the world's first blockchain phone called XPhone. It will be available to buy in the second quarter of 2019, Pundi X plans to produce 5,000 phones.

XPhone works by communicating with other XPhone and Pundi X POS devices to exchange encrypted data across the network, all decentralized. Instead of going through cell towers, phone calls, text messages, emails and web content are routed through other connected devices, they are not monitored, and no one can mute calls or unpublish online. The phone is intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the decentralized Internet.

Pundi X decided to create and release a new operating system which they call Function X and it includes everything a user needs to access the decentralized network.

The upcoming release of Function X will come with a new Function X blockchain, a new FTXP protocol (instead of typing "http", you'll need to type "fxtp" to access web files), and a new f(x) token. NPXS will also be moved to the new blockchain. There will be no public sale or initial coin offering, to receive tokens you must hold NPXS until March 10, 2020, 65% of f(x) tokens will go to NPXS owners.

15% of the tokens will go to the Pundi X team and marketing department, and 20% to the “Ecosystem Genesis Fund.” The test version of Function X is planned to launch in the second quarter of 2020. Users will be able to use the tokens to interact with decentralized applications, and developers and service providers will be able to charge f(x) tokens.

Pundi X: cryptocurrency to ruble rates

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RDDReddCoin0.10128+0.00796214.08.20 18:00
DADDAD23.2683+2.166214.08.20 18:00
VTHOVeThor Token0.10686-0.00119414.08.20 18:00
ORBSOrbs1.2962+0.026114.08.20 18:00
ENGEnigma37.7251-1.600414.08.20 18:00
NECNectar17.8759+1.17214.08.20 18:00
WTCWalton40.1948+1.956314.08.20 18:00
GTGatechain Token39.3847-0.0124614.08.20 18:00
REQRequest Network3.3359-0.1577814.08.20 18:00
WRXWazirX12.0269-0.8859614.08.20 18:00
BEAMBeam39.9029-1.354314.08.20 18:00
S.W.T.H.Switcheo3.6173+0.1016914.08.20 18:00
TFUELTheta Fuel0.70042-0.0104714.08.20 18:00
EURSSTASIS EURS84.006-1.510514.08.20 18:00
NIMNimiq0.40999-0.0285914.08.20 18:00
RCNRipio Credit Network5.1285-0.6374114.08.20 18:00
WINWINk0.008275-0.000387714.08.20 18:00
TTThunder Token0.43794-0.00763614.08.20 18:00
VIDTV-ID55.3691+2.599414.08.20 18:00
FUNFunFair0.38998+0.0106514.08.20 18:00
BCZEROBuggyra Coin Zero1.2616-0.0481914.08.20 18:00
CTXCCortex9.9273-0.6055914.08.20 18:00
MLNMelon1978.44+116.4514.08.20 18:00
HPTHuobi Pool Token0.47575+0.0131414.08.20 18:00
WXTWirex Token0.84007+0.0219914.08.20 18:00
CRPTCrypterium22.7504-0.0536414.08.20 18:00
BLZBluzelle9.4629+0.6110414.08.20 18:00
LBACred2.673-0.287414.08.20 18:00
GRINGrin44.5992-0.5668614.08.20 18:00
C20C2053.8658+1.532114.08.20 18:00
PAIProject Pai1.4664+0.0199614.08.20 18:00
PIVXPIVX37.6773+1.150314.08.20 18:00
FSNFusion45.954+0.4716414.08.20 18:00
LOKILoki42.0625-3.54514.08.20 18:00
ASTAirSwap13.8699+4.211614.08.20 18:00
QBITQubitica2558.9+173.6614.08.20 18:00
MFTMainframe0.21882-0.0061814.08.20 18:00
NASNebulas Token38.7259+1.056414.08.20 18:00
BORABORA2.9615+0.1063914.08.20 18:00
LOOMLoom Network2.0272+0.182114.08.20 18:00
C.S.C.CasinoCoin0.04777+0.000486614.08.20 18:00
DENTDent0.02306-0.000505914.08.20 18:00
PERLPerlin5.3849-0.3114414.08.20 18:00
DRGNDragonchain5.4024-0.0045714.08.20 18:00
TRUETrueChain23.7424-0.1248314.08.20 18:00
POLYPolymath3.5704+0.0768914.08.20 18:00
MTLMetal28.415+1.842814.08.20 18:00
MOFMolecular Future21.4654-3.886814.08.20 18:00
RDNRaiden Network Token35.8886+3.659614.08.20 18:00
DAGConstellation1.4273-0.2789214.08.20 18:00
C.V.C.Civic2.6865+0.143414.08.20 18:00
ONEHarmony0.18445-0.6369714.08.20 18:00
PZMPRIZM0.8496-0.000849614.08.20 18:00
CNDCindicator0.82976+0.00711214.08.20 18:00
QSPQuantstamp2.5977+0.1133614.08.20 18:00
FXFunction X6.9001+0.4304814.08.20 18:00
KINKin0.001026+0.000105314.08.20 18:00
NEXNash Exchange64.7231-3.542914.08.20 18:00
GBYTEByteball Bytes2012.46+13.262614.08.20 18:00
PPTPopulous28.26+0.9021714.08.20 18:00
LAMBLambda1.8533+0.1525714.08.20 18:00
ADXAdEx16.1743-0.3061114.08.20 18:00
KANBitKan0.23263-0.0049114.08.20 18:00
IGNISIgnis1.8671+0.00254814.08.20 18:00
REPOREPO12.8994+12.899414.08.20 18:00
QKCQuarkChain0.65283+0.0362114.08.20 18:00
G.A.S.Gas134.16+3.554214.08.20 18:00
NXSNexus20.2821+1.029214.08.20 18:00
DTRDynamic Trading Rights0.84269-0.0257614.08.20 18:00
ECOREALEcoreal Estate6.163-0.5001614.08.20 18:00
TELTelcoin0.02711+0.00197714.08.20 18:00
NETNEXT31.6267-0.2940714.08.20 18:00
GRSGroestlcoin16.7899+0.2371514.08.20 18:00
UNOUnobtanium5948.32+654.6314.08.20 18:00
VTCVertcoin21.105-0.5409514.08.20 18:00
QASHQASH3.2398-0.0105714.08.20 17:50
FCTFactom121.98+4.619114.08.20 18:00
WINGSWings11.4974-0.7231614.08.20 17:00
ILCILCoin2.0037+0.0330914.08.20 03:30
L.B.C.LBRY Credits2.3939-0.0175213.08.20 03:10
ETPMetaverse ETP13.4367+13.436710.08.20 18:00
METAMetadium0.84003+0.8400311.08.20 03:50
BHPBHPCoin51.4709+51.470912.08.20 03:20
ITCIoT Chain11.8445+11.844511.08.20 16:00
COCOSCocos-BCX0.04245+0.0424510.08.20 11:00
APLApollo Currency0.06988+0.0698810.08.20 14:10
NEWNewton0.04984+0.0498411.08.20 18:50
HPBHigh Performance Blockchain13.9531+13.953111.08.20 21:50
NXTNxt0.99311+0.9931109.08.20 21:20
L.A.LATOKEN2.5455+2.545508.08.20 12:30
DGDDigixDAO5688.49+5688.4907.08.20 06:10
ECAElectra0.0323+0.032307.08.20 18:10

How to get f(x) tokens

We love NPXS, its ecosystem and everything connected with it. You need to buy NPXS on a cryptocurrency exchange (for example, Binance), then transfer your tokens to XWallet and store them until March 10, 2020. Throughout the year, 15% of all f(x)56.79 million tokens will be distributed monthly to everyone who held NPXS. The more NPXS you have, the more f(x) tokens you will receive per month. If after this you log into your XWallet wallet twice a month and perform small transactions, then you will be awarded free f(x) tokens for a year.

Pundi X also offers a second way to receive f (x) tokens; you can exchange NPXS for f (x). We have no plans to change NPXS at this time, but will monitor market reaction throughout the three-month exchange period. If there is a prospect of a profitable deal, we will notify you. The exchange is tentatively scheduled for April or May and all NPXS tokens exchanged will be destroyed.

Prospects for Pundi X

Recently, the price of Pundi X (NPXS) has started to rise rapidly. Firstly, this is due to a slight upward correction of the market, and secondly, with the growth of transactions in the Pundi X network. The Pundi X project has no exact analogues among similar projects, since it provides a complete package of products that can ensure normal ecosystem performance.

Looking at the Pundi X roadmap, we see that the company's activities are aimed at popularizing and making Pundi X available to the masses. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, the team increased the number of terminals in Canada, in the 3rd quarter, integration with leading European financial institutions was carried out, and in the 4th quarter, they entered the Russian market. Gradually, every year, the Pundi X ecosystem will expand, which will affect the NPXS rate.

Pundi X using the UPDRAFT system

Item: Users scores 15 out of 20 due to the small number of applications that can be developed by third parties. When their number increases, the score will become maximum. Point: management, scored 5 points out of 10, due to centralized management built on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. For all other criteria, Pundi X received the maximum number of points and an overall score of 90.

Advantages of Pundi X:

Current goal of the project. Today, many people know about the existence of cryptocurrencies, know about their advantages and are even to some extent ready to use them, but everything is limited by the terms of use. The developers of Pundi X are dedicated to creating comfortable conditions for using cryptocurrencies.

Working product. Unlike many projects that want to move mountains, but so far only on paper, Pundi X already has working prototypes of its products.

Wide range of services. Mobile and stationary XPOS terminals accept payments not only using cryptocurrencies. They support all modern popular services and technologies, including VISA/MASTER CARD, NFC and much more.

Crypto capital portfolio

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

Today the index is trading at 280, which is 42% above its December low. Since the beginning of the year, the index has been in the green zone, growing 9.3%. We expect growth in the coming months due to the upcoming launch of several new cryptocurrency platforms aimed at large investors.

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