Long-term and short-term investments

Short-term investments are increasingly popular. Relative security of capital and the ability to withdraw funds from circulation at any time become determining factors for the implementation of this type of activity, both for companies and individuals. In addition, the investment period allows you to make an accurate forecast and leave the project on time if risks arise. All that remains is to decide on the type of investment and evaluate the possible profitability.


Short-term investments are a temporary investment of cash in order to preserve capital for further use in profitable projects.

Standard withdrawal periods range from 3 to 12 months. But the indicator is conditional and each investor perceives “short-termism” in his own way.

For example, for large companies with large financial capabilities, a period of up to 5 years is considered short. Private entrepreneurs prefer to limit themselves to a few months.

The profitability of short-term investments varies between 5-30% and depends on many factors, such as the risk of the project (the higher, the higher the percentage of earnings), the economic sector (bank deposits give 3-5%, equipment and raw materials - 15-20%) , development forecast of the financed company. Upon expiration of the term, the owner receives the above profit and completely withdraws the capital from circulation.

The main goal of short-term investments is the efficient operation of cash, even during periods of “quiet” or, as an alternative to passive savings accounts, where the yield is only 1-4% per annum. At the same time, capital must be under reliable protection and, if necessary, withdrawn from the project at the first request of the investor.

However, the conditions for “quick” investments do not eliminate the risk of the event. Before making a deposit, experts recommend carefully studying the general economic situation and making an informed decision.

Reliable investments on the Internet

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A modern enterprising person, even with a stable income in his arsenal, is looking for an opportunity to gain additional profit. Experienced investors with significant capital prefer long-term investments; beginners, as a rule, in order not to part with money for years, consider investments for a short period.

Short-term investments

In general, investments that have a maturity period of 3 to 12 months are considered short-term. Some experts increase the maturity period of such investments to 3 years. A common feature of short-term investment options is the ability to quickly and easily convert them into cash, which is why a number of short-term investments are classified as cash equivalents. Thus, short-term investments of up to a year can provide greater liquidity along with returns on investment. Another advantage of such deposits is the optimal level of risk, so short-term investment options will be a good way to quickly increase capital with proper protection and a low threshold for entering the market.

The disadvantages of short-term investing include:

  • small investments give symbolic profits;
  • high level of risk, but in comparison with long-term investments , it is lower;
  • a significant degree of dependence on the political situation both within the country and in the world.

It is difficult to reliably predict which long-term investments will succeed over the next decade and which will fail. Short-term investments significantly reduce this uncertainty. It is easier to understand what will happen over the next year than to calculate events tens of years into the future.

Types of short-term investments

Among investments designed for a short term, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Loans offered by businesses.
  2. Securities:
  3. shares with the aim of selling within one to three years (minimal chance of making a big profit if the company does not produce good results in a short period of time).
  4. bill, bonds are issued by the government, banks, some non-banking financial institutions, corporate organizations (security, ability to trade on exchanges, high liquidity but low profit).
  5. Bank deposits: savings account (provides cash, allows withdrawal of funds without prior notice);
  6. time deposit accounts provide high interest rates, have fixed maturities, and do not allow investors to withdraw their funds before the maturity date;
  7. corporate deposits for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Investments in real estate (alternatively works of art, antiques). In a short period, high profits are possible, but guaranteed, low risk of losing the deposit, usually requires a high investment budget, possibility of resale at any time.
  • Purchase of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum).
  • Financial markets provide extreme freedom when depositing funds: invest both small and large amounts in the stock market, in raw materials, currencies, commodities, ease of cashing out.
  • Short-term investments on the Internet

    The development of information technology and the introduction of the Internet into all spheres of human activity make it possible to earn income without mandatory personal presence.

    Like any other short-term investment option, Internet investments also involve certain risks. A feature of such activities is the control of virtual reporting documentation, working with credit cards, and issuing electronic invoices. Otherwise, short-term investments on the Internet also require compliance with all laws and regulations inherent in offline analogues.

    The main advantages of investing online:

    • no geographical restrictions, availability of information wherever there is Internet (monitor financial transactions and news in real time);
    • quick investment decisions, high speed of financial settlements, minimal commission, no need to personally visit the bank;
    • low entry threshold - investments from one hundred rubles (online investing provides an opportunity to earn money for investors who do not have a lot of capital);
    • an extremely wide selection of available offers and investment properties.

    Popular methods of short-term Internet investing

    Forex market

    A difficult type of earnings, the meaning of which is to choose a suitable currency pair (dollar, euro), successfully purchase one currency, and then, when the right moment comes, profitably exchange it for another. Income is the difference between the purchase and exchange amount. The exchange rate is influenced by a number of factors, so special programs (Trader, AINET, Elliott wave analyzer) and analytics help to calculate the value of a currency. successfully engage in such investing ; without this, you will have to rely only on intuition and luck.

    PAMM accounts on Forex

    The transaction is conducted not by the investor himself, but by an experienced trader . He pools his money and the investor's money and opens a trade. If the transaction is successful, the manager takes his earned money, including a percentage of the amount received by the investor after the transaction. In case of failure, losses are borne by both parties in proportion to the amounts contributed.

    Hype projects

    In essence, this is a currency pyramid, where money is invested at a daily interest rate of 1-50. This type of income is risky, since at any moment the organization may close and not return the money. As a rule, only the first investors can make a profit.

    Recommendations for beginning investors

    Achieving the desired profit in short-term investments is possible only with knowledge in this area, experience, instinct, and it is advisable to be interested in financial market news and methods of building a business. Every day new trends and companies emerge, innovative technologies develop - these factors cannot be discounted.

    In an effort to earn money, thoroughly evaluate your financial priorities and the amount of savings you plan to invest. Experienced investors recommend distributing funds across several assets for 100% profit.

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    Short-term investments are classified into several groups - liquidity, risks and types. For a private investor, all three indicators are of interest. But still the type is the priority.

    After all, it is he who determines the term of the deposit and the amount of profit. It is customary to distinguish several classic types:

    1. Government securities (federal loan bonds). Issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, trading place - Moscow Exchange, agents - Sberbank and VTB, yield - 8.5-10% per annum.
    2. Shares, bonds, bills of large companies, with a dividend payment period of 6, 9 or 12 months. Profit depends on the par value of the securities, their quantity and the percentage of dividends established by the company. As a rule, rarely exceeds 10%.
    3. Investments in mutual funds. The funds manage the finances of thousands of investors and invest money in guaranteed profitable projects. The main thing is to choose a reliable mutual fund.
    4. All types of private lending, including loans against promissory notes, investments in microfinance organizations. Liquidity is very high, reaching 30%. But there is also a high risk of burning out.
    5. Bank deposits. Profitability depends on the term. 1 month – minimum tariff, 3 months – 1% is added to the base rate, 6 months – another 2%, 12 months – the bank adds 2-3%. In any case, the profit will not exceed 8-9% per annum.
    6. Precious metals and stones. This method has been consistently popular for many centuries. Although the income is small, it is stable; the investor is not in danger of losing his principal capital.

    When choosing a type of short-term investment, you should pay attention to the possibility of transferring investments to a long-term basis.

    If the income met or exceeded expectations, the investor will have a chance to receive constant profit.

    Types of Short-Term Investments

    If you do not want your money to bring quick and good profits, you should think about investing part of your funds in short-term investments...

    There is an opinion that this kind of deposit is quite risky, but the fact is that short-term investments come in several types. And not all of them are risky.

    Of course, long-term investments can provide you with a comfortable existence in old age, but who said that you cannot enjoy life at your current age?

    To achieve this goal, it would be a wise move to invest part of your savings in short-term investments.

    There are several short-term investments that vary in their risk levels. This risk ranking will help you make your choice. There are the following types of short-term investments.

    1. Investing in gold and silver. Precious metals never lose value. Prices for gold and silver are always in continuous growth. This is the safest type of short-term investment.

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    The investment turnover of our clients in 2020 was: $4,863,811,000 . Learn more →

    2. Investing in low-risk stocks. Company stocks may not be the safest, but there are areas of business where you can invest without much worry.

    The essence of the method is to identify undervalued stocks with growth prospects, purchase and then hold them until they reach their true value. This method requires you to have excellent knowledge of the market.

    Types of Short-Term Investments

    3. Investing in Treasury bills and bonds. Buying short-term Treasury bills and bonds is one of the safest types of short-term investments. Such securities are backed by the government and you can always make a profit when selling them.

    4. Investing in high-risk securities. There are many new companies with crazy ideas, some of which will eventually become rich multinational corporations, and most of which will fade into oblivion.

    Your task is to try to identify such a giant at the birth stage and invest part of the funds in it. In the future, if you guess right, you will become a millionaire without lifting a finger.

    Thus, there are many ways to make short-term investments for people who have some funds and want to get a decent return in a short period of time. Assess your immediate financial priorities, the size of your current savings, and take action.

    A combination of the different types of short-term investments listed above will be ideal for your financial goals that you want to achieve in the near future...


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    Any uncertainty about an investment that could negatively affect your personal financial situation is called risk. Short-term investments are no exception.

    This type of deposit has:

    • market risk – the value of assets may fall or increase;
    • business risk - corporate decisions (entering a new business area, merging with another company) may affect the cost;
    • currency risk (political) - if investments are made in an international company, events in the country of registration may affect the final return;
    • liquidity risk – whether it is easy or difficult to get a return on the deposit;
    • concentration risk – all capital is invested in one investment, etc.

    Investments that fall within the definition of “risky” will yield the greatest returns. But you can lose money just as quickly here. Bank deposits, deposits in government bonds, purchases of precious metals, etc. have the lowest degree of risk. But you can get significant income here only if you have a relatively large capital, because the interest rate is only 8-10% per annum. For example, with $10,000 an investor will receive $200 in three months.

    The situation is different with risky enterprises - short-term venture investments (investments in startups), financing of microfinance organizations. The profitability is high - 30%, sometimes they promise more. From the same $10,000, the investor receives $750 in three months. But, in the case of a startup, a new project may fail, and a financial organization may go bankrupt or close (fraud). Therefore, the investor is required to either have encyclopedic knowledge in the field of economics (to make a forecast), or to exercise basic caution and use the experience of successful entrepreneurs.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Short-term investments are available not only to companies and professional investors, but also to individuals. This is the main advantage of “quick” investments. Additionally, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to:

    • work with a small amount of cash;
    • withdraw capital from circulation on demand;
    • make investments in several attractive objects at once;
    • protect savings from inflation (depreciation) in unfavorable economic situations;
    • opportunity to make a profit monthly.

    But at the same time, there are disadvantages:

    1. To get a tangible income, you need to invest at least $10,000, otherwise be content with very modest dividends;
    2. Short-term investments are directly dependent on the political and economic situation in the country;
    3. The list of risks is extensive and requires study.

    In order to protect your fixed capital and get the desired profit, you need to understand the very essence of investments and spare no expense in consulting with experienced entrepreneurs.

    About short-term financial investments

    - these are financial investments of a company or individual in various financial instruments for a fairly short period - no more than 1 year, and with high liquidity.

    In accordance with the latter, they serve as a ready-made payment instrument to satisfy the urgent needs of the organization, and also provide the opportunity to regard them as the equivalent of monetary assets and together form a single management object.

    Short-term investments include:

    • Purchase of bonds
      , savings certificates, and bills for a period of up to 12 months.
    • Placement of funds on a deposit account
      for a period of up to 12 months

    This type of investment is most profitable for investors, since most of them are afraid to invest their capital in projects for the long term due to the instability of the modern economy.

    However, such investments do not always bring impressive profits.

    , therefore, many entrepreneurs prefer to use the services of analysts who are able to to some extent predict the expected profit, as well as, importantly, risks.

    The main tasks facing the analyst:

    • Choosing the most rational investment
      among other investments.
    • Search among the rest for the most effective
      investment portfolio.
    • Calculation of cost-
      to-profit ratio.


    Investing money in order to make a quick profit is always very popular. The main thing is to avoid risky actions in the first stages and gradually increase capital. This will help you gain not only invaluable experience, but also increase your “free” funds several times in order to reach a completely new level of your financial situation. We can only wish you successful conquest of economic heights with the help of short-term investments. Share your experiences and mistakes in the comments!

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