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Sergey Mayzus: Bitcoin exchange BTC-e laundered cryptocurrency through accounts in the Moscow Alfa Bank

Among the organizers and participants in the money laundering scheme through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange were poker players who used bank accounts in the Moscow branch of Alfa-Bank. Sergey Mayzus, owner of the British company Mayzus Financial Services (MFS), operating under the MoneyPolo brand, told ForkLog about this.

According to him, in June 2020, MFS acquired the offshore company Okpay, as a result of which it gained access to its customer base and transaction history.

“Based on this transaction history, we discovered that the BTC-e exchange became a client of Okpay at the end of the summer of 2011 in the person of Dmitry Svetleyshiy, in whose name a personal account was opened. Funds were received into this account from the Trade Hill exchange and subsequently it was with them that hosting was purchased along with the BTC-e domain,” said Mayzus.

After some time, an account was opened from the same IP address for the company Eurostyle Advisor, owned by Alexander Vinnik, through which transactions were made to BTC-e clients. According to Sergei Mayzus, the same company carried out transactions to 15 offshore Cypriot companies involved in the case of money laundering through BTC-e.

Russian Translation of the … by ForkLog on Scribd

“In the fall of 2013, the nominal director of Always Efficients Alexander Buyanov, the nominal director of Canton Business Corporation Stanislav Golovanov and Alexander Vinnik alternately opened personal accounts with MFS from the same IP address and began conducting transactions through them to BTC-e clients. Also, two corporate accounts were opened for the Always Efficient company and one for the Canton Business Corporation, which, according to documents, was allegedly engaged in mining ,” Mayzus said.

Reports to NCA

For the first time, MFS began sending reports on the activities of companies owned by Vinnik to the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) in 2013: the company had suspicions about some transactions that could be related to tax evasion.

After Vinnik opened an account with MFS, he was assigned a medium-to-high risk category, which provides for the collection of additional documentation: unconditional identification of the final beneficiary either by video or in person. During the identification, the financial and general directors of MFS met with Vinnik.

“Vinnik provided identifying documents and demonstrated on his laptop that he is the person who manages the BTC-e crypto exchange, that he is not a denomination, and he was zalongboarded,” said Sergei Mayzus.

In response to the FBI's warning that money laundering may occur through cryptocurrency exchanges, MFS issued a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) for the BTC-e exchange, identifying individuals associated with the exchange and the ultimate beneficiary. The same report indicated that MFS was willing to provide all transactions for these accounts upon request.

“Subsequently, no more reports were filled out on the exchange itself, but there were quite a few reports on individual transactions, since the company believed that the greatest danger was posed by clients who could carry out illegal transactions. Various law enforcement agencies, including those from the United States, have repeatedly sent requests to which we have responded. Initially, everyone knew that Alexander Vinnik was behind the BTC-e exchange,” Mayzus said.


In total, MFS opened at least seven accounts for shell companies and BTC-e employees and processed approximately $100 million worth of their transactions from 2011 to 2020.

“Vinnik opened accounts with the companies Always Efficient, Canton Business Corporation, Gem Invest, Eurostyle Advisor, Voix Impex. The Gem Invest company was used to accept payments to the xBTCe cryptocurrency exchange, which was also managed by Vinnik and his team. He warned MFS compliance about this exchange back in 2020,” said Mayzus.

According to his information, the xBTCe company belongs to Alexander Klimenko, the owner of the FXOpen company. The head of the exchange and the director of the FXOpen company is Denis Peganov, who is also the director of the XP Solutions company.

“Studying Peganov’s personality, I found out that he plays poker and has repeatedly taken part in poker championships. I contacted representatives of the poker community, who told me that in April 2020, at the PokerStars tournament in Monaco, he stayed in the same hotel room with a certain Alexey, who was the administrator of the BTC-e exchange. The name of this mysterious Alexei remained a mystery to me for a long time. Later, when I saw the name of the BTC-e admin on the website of the BBC Russian Service, I googled “Bilychenko Poker” and “Peganov Poker”, and the solitaire game worked out.

In addition, it is through poker that Dmitry Vasiliev (ex-CEO of the WEX exchange - editor's note) and the famous hacker Zubakha, whose return to his homeland was handled by lawyer Timofey Musatov, were connected with them,” said Mayzus.

Based on the available information, Mayzus described an alleged scheme for money laundering through the BTC-e exchange:

“Vinnik, through the company Mayzus Financial Services, accepted payments from pure BTC-e clients to the account of the Always Efficient company. From there, he made payments to clients, and transferred the balance that he accumulated daily to the Canton Business Corporation account in MoneyPolo. Subsequently, this money was withdrawn to the account of XP Solutions in the Moscow Alfa-Bank. Then this money was transferred to the account of the FXOpen company.”

From this account, according to Mayzus, the money was no longer returned, except once in the first ten days of 2014, when the Mt.Gox exchange stopped payments and declared bankruptcy.

“This prompts a deeper study of the issue. What happened to the money after entering FXOpen is a question, rather, for the regulators,” he noted.

Invoice. Screenshot: Sergey Mayzus

According to Maizus, in the first half of 2020 alone, more than 30 million euros were withdrawn to XP Solutions accounts.

“Initially, Klimenko confirmed that there were more than 40 million euros in the FXOpen account. They opened short positions on any currency pair for the entire deposit amount. It is most likely that Klimenko, since the money was actually in his possession, overlapped positions in some offshore company, Vinnik drained them and the result was pure laundered money,” concluded Sergei Mayzus.

Fabrication of criminal cases

At the end of 2020, after Vinnik’s arrest, MFS was subject to two AML checks.

“In the wake of the international scandal, our bank accounts, both personal and corporate, began to be closed. In addition, since August, I and my family members began receiving physical threats. I contacted the Cyprus police and today I am still under the witness protection program. On October 26, I filed a claim in Cyprus against 16 companies and Alexander Vinnik for compensation for damages in the amount of 200 million euros,” said Mayzus.

Already on November 13, Alexander Vinnik filed a notice to join the proceedings as a defendant, although at that time only one company was notified - Edelvace Limited registered in Cyprus.

“During the same period, a Russia Today correspondent contacted me and asked me questions about this lawsuit. And this despite the fact that I did not inform anyone about the existence of such a claim. It was not difficult to guess who the source was who informed the media about my claim.

Through contacts on Facebook, I got the phone number of Timofey Musatov. He confirmed that he had information on this lawsuit and invited me to Greece as a witness in the Vinnik case. There he began to demand that at the trial I say that Vinnik has nothing to do with the BTC-e exchange. I replied that I did not want to become an accomplice to the crime: MFS had repeatedly sent reports on the activities of Vinnik’s companies, and the FBI had already seized relevant documentation from us. After this, Musatov made threats against me: he said that he would make me a criminal, seize my property, and that I would not receive anything from Vinnik, since he had nothing,” said Mayzus.

Subsequently, Mayzus excluded the name of Alexander Vinnik from the lawsuit against Cypriot companies.

“During the trial, we had to disclose SAR documents that included Vinnik’s partners and transactions in their address, which could have fallen into the hands of Musatov and his accomplices. Under English law, this would be a tipping off, that is, an actual tip to individuals that a criminal investigation is underway against them. I couldn’t allow this, and my lawyer and I annulled the claim against Vinnik. The court hearing was closed, and Musatov lost access to it. The judge, having examined all the documents we presented, made a decision that the listed companies were engaged in criminal activities and are obliged to compensate for the damage caused to me.”

Recently, Sergei Mayzus came into possession of correspondence between Timofey Musatov and Greek lawyer Vinnik Ilias Spirliadis dated November 2020, in which Musatov, “as a private prosecution,” proposes to fabricate a criminal case against Mayzus in Greece. ForkLog got acquainted with fragments of correspondence.

According to Mayzus, the conversation between the two lawyers took place even before his personal acquaintance with Musatov.

“This attempt was made for the reason that Musatov clearly knew that I could pose a threat to his client Vinnik, that is, I could be the main witness, since his client was a client of a company owned by me,” Mayzus believes.

He also suggested that Russian businessman Igor Ashmanov may be involved in the fabrication of the criminal case. In a January correspondence on the website roem.ru, Ashmanov stated that it was Mayzus who “told Vinnik to the FBI” and also “cashed out and stole bitcoins.”

Screenshot from roem.ru - 1

Screenshot from the site roem.ru - 2

It is worth noting here that Sergey Mayzus received the position of director of MFS and, accordingly, access to the client base only on December 22, 2020. Until this moment, he was a shareholder of the company.

Document on the appointment of a director. Screenshot: Sergey Mayzus

“In light of the new information, I am more than sure that the fabrication of criminal cases and all the persecution were organized by Musatov and Ashmanov in order to get rid of me as the main prosecution witness,” Mayzus said.

ForkLog requested a comment from Igor Ashmanov regarding his statements addressed to Mayzus.

“I don’t want to discuss this. Mayzus knows the real state of affairs, and so do I. But I don’t see the point in publicly discussing more than was said,” Ashmanov said in a commentary to ForkLog.

Earlier, Sergei Mayzus suggested that the company that laundered money from the BTC-e bitcoin exchange could be controlled by lawyer Timofey Musatov.

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