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Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia: why you shouldn’t trade?

In 2020 (January 14), the Cryptopia crypto exchange was hacked. Hackers gained access to 76 thousand user wallets. This is a rare case: the management of the exchange reacted too slowly, hence such a large figure. Most of the stolen tokens were Ethereum and ERC-20.

The stolen funds have already been partially withdrawn through other cryptocurrency platforms. The New Zealand police conducted investigations for about a month, after which they allowed the platform to continue operating. However, the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange did not eliminate all vulnerabilities and showed too many problems during the hacker attack.

RuscoinsInfo recommends other, more reliable crypto exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, OKEx. You can study the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges in more detail.

Characteristics of the Cryptopia crypto exchange

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange was created by New Zealand developers in 2014. A characteristic feature of the site is a convenient user interface and support for a significant number of digital currencies.

One of the disadvantages is the lack of support for the Russian language. But the interface is so simple that even a novice trader can understand it. You need to spend very little time to master it. After this, you can make sure that the functionality of the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is quite wide.

Initially, the Cryptopia project was created as a mining pool. After some time, a section was added to the functionality of the site, used for trading digital assets. Later it became the main one. After a little more time, the mining part of the functionality was completely removed from the project website.

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange has official pages on social networks. Users have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest news from the site on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The exchange website has forums and a chat where users communicate with each other.

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is famous for supporting unpopular coins. Therefore, users jokingly call it a “shitcoin exchange.” Currently, the site supports about five hundred different coins. This is one of the advantages of the project.

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia – reviews (Cryptopia)

The Cryptopia exchange is a small trading platform with a daily turnover of $21 million. It is not a super popular exchange at all, but it has many advantages that make it special. The history of the New Zealand crypto exchange begins in 2014, although initially it was not a trading platform, but a mining pool.

Over time, the service added the ability to trade, and even later, the connection with mining was lost and Cryptopia was completely transformed into an exchange for trading cryptocurrency.

Today, many traders register accounts on the Cryptopia exchange, if only because no other platform can offer such a volume of coins. People even call it the “shieldcoin” exchange, since all the more or less known cryptocurrencies and forks are represented on it - the number of trading pairs reaches 480.

Sometimes there are even very rare digital coins here that simply cannot be found on other crypto platforms.


  • A large number of cryptocurrency pairs, currently their number reaches 480. Users can both withdraw money from Cryptopia in various cryptocurrencies and replenish their account in various ways.
  • Gives you the opportunity to trade rare coins.
  • The administration carefully monitors the status of various cryptocurrencies and removes from trading those that turn out to be scams or have any problems.
  • It is not necessary to undergo verification; it will only be required to expand the limits. If the existing limits suit you, then you can trade freely without providing your
  • documents.
  • High level of security, two-factor authentication.
  • The functionality has a marketplace through which users can exchange goods for cryptocurrency with each other.
  • There is a lot of information contained in the various sections. For example, if you need to find out information about a coin, then you can do this in the appropriate section.
  • The Cryptopia exchange has an internal chat and forum where users can communicate with each other and share experiences.
  • There is a referral program.


  • It trades only cryptocurrencies and does not work with fiat at all, but this is not a significant drawback of Cryptopia.
    Reviews about the site, of which there are not so many in general, indicate that the lack of fiat currency does not greatly confuse users. Crypto exchange that works with dollars, euros, rubles and hryvnia: Exmo (Exmo)
  • Small trading volume. Not many traders choose the Cryptopia exchange as their main platform, since it will not be possible to go wild on it.
  • The Cryptopia exchange was recently accused of blocking the accounts of its users, which cast a shadow on its reputation.
  • The site is available only in English, which may cause some difficulties for Russian-speaking users. If your knowledge of English leaves much to be desired, then you will not immediately figure out how to use Cryptopia.

Interface overview and registration on the Cryptopia crypto exchange

You can register on the exchange platform using the link. The procedure is standard and does not require anything unusual from users. To register you must:

  • enter name
  • e-mail
  • come up with a password

The user must agree to the trading conditions offered by the Cryptopia crypto exchange. Then a message is sent to your email address containing the instructions necessary to complete the registration procedure. After completing them, you can log into your account by entering your e-mail and password.

After logging into the site, the user enters his “personal account”. The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange includes several sections, including statistics and information regarding trading taking place on the exchange.

the “MarketPlace” tab you can purchase various products (mostly souvenirs) for digital coins. There are not too many lots in the section. Frankly speaking, this is not the most popular section on the site. It is not working at the moment. The Cryptopia developers promise to rework it and launch the section in a new format.

The “Forums” tab on the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is designed for communication. There are forums on a variety of topics where users have the opportunity to exchange opinions on current trading, discuss exchange strategies, and ask questions to the exchange administration.

The “Coininfo” section contains various useful information on coins presented on the Cryptopia exchange.

The “Services” tab contains several subsections:

  • News
  • Paytopia
  • Rewards
  • Arbitrage

By going to “News” , you can find out the latest Cryptopia news.

subsection lists additional functions and services of the Cryptopia platform, provided for an additional fee.
They are purchased for fiat NZD or DOT. The last coin is the platform’s own token. “Rewards” contains statistics on the work of the built-in bot, which awards bonuses to clients. The chances of receiving a “prize” from the company are quite low, since a huge number of users are registered on the resource. But the very fact of having a bonus program cannot but rejoice.

The “Arbitrage” tab contains information useful for stock arbitrage. Here, users can compare the value of assets on two exchanges: Poloniex and Bittrex. The feature is implemented quite conveniently.

Registration on the Cryptopia exchange

To start registering your personal account on the Cryptopia exchange, you need to go to the official website and click on the “Registration” button. After this, you will be redirected to the registration page, where you will need to come up with a username, enter your email address, enter a password (the password must be at least 8 characters, and consist of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) and come up with a PIN . After this, you will need to check 2 boxes, and as they say, the job is done. After clicking on the “Registration” button, an email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your e-mail.

When creating a PIN code, be careful and do not forget it, because when entering the exchange, you will need to enter these numbers every time.

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Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange: how is verification done?

Absolutely all users, including unverified ones, have the opportunity to replenish the deposit and withdraw assets. There is no mandatory verification process on the site. However, unverified users have restrictions on trading volume. It should not exceed 500 NZD. After passing verification, the mentioned limit increases to 50,000 NZD.

To complete the procedure you need:

  • send a scanned copy of your ID
  • upload a photo of the user with the mentioned document in his hands
  • enter information regarding your place of residence (detailed address)
  • provide passport details

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia offers three levels of verification. To complete the last of them, and increase the allowed daily trading volume even more, you need to write to the support service. It is impossible to go through this procedure automatically.


All registered participants with verified email can withdraw no more than the equivalent of NZD 5,000. How to withdraw money from Cryptopia in larger quantities? To increase limits, as on other trading platforms, Cryptopia will need to undergo identity verification.

To increase the withdrawal amount to 50,000 NZD, you must go through the second level of verification, which involves filling out a form, providing a scan of your passport and a selfie with this document in your hands.

In the " Verification " section, enter your first name, last name, date of birth, gender, country, city, postal code and address.

Below you can see an example of what a scanned passport page and your selfie should look like with your passport in your hand. We upload the photo and scan using the appropriate buttons for verification. At the end, check the box accepting the user agreement and click the “ Submit ” button.

If a withdrawal of 50,000 New Zealand dollars per day is not enough for you, then there is a third level of verification, for which you need to contact technical support.

This concludes the review of the Cryptopia exchange. I think it will help you navigate the choice of trading platform and allow you to expand your trading capabilities. If you still have questions about how to use Cryptopia or if any features of its operation are unclear, then you can ask your question directly in the comments and exchange users will try to answer you. Good luck!

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Depositing and withdrawing assets on the Cryptopia crypto exchange

The only way to replenish the deposit is to transfer digital coins from the user’s crypto wallet. This option is convenient for those who have long belonged to the cryptocurrency community. This method of replenishment is not very suitable for beginners.

First, you will have to purchase digital coins for fiat on some exchanger or other exchange platform. Unfortunately, Cryptopia does not provide the ability to deposit traditional money into the exchange. At the same time, the platform allows users to open wallets to transfer any tokens supported by the platform.

To deposit or withdraw funds, you must open the “Balances” section. To withdraw coins, you need to open the “Deposit” tab next to the corresponding currency. Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia provides the user with a transfer address for each cryptocoin. It is to this account that you need to make a transaction to replenish your account.

To withdraw assets from Cryptopia, you need to click on “Withdraw” next to the corresponding coin. Enter the amount and number of your crypto wallet. To withdraw some coins, in addition to the mentioned data, you must additionally fill in the PaymentId (transaction ID) field. The withdrawal fee is 0.001 BTC.

Methods for depositing and withdrawing funds on Cryptopia

To replenish your deposit on the cryptopia exchange, you need to click on the button with the bitcoin icon located in the upper right corner, next to your nickname on the exchange. After this, you will be redirected to the top-up page, where you will need to select the currency in which you want to top up your balance. Since replenishment with dollars or any other currencies on the exchange is impossible, you will have to use exchangers. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best fiat to cryptocurrency exchangers. Once you have selected a cryptocurrency to deposit, your wallet address for that cryptocurrency will be generated for you on the Cryptopia exchange. It is this address that will need to be indicated in the exchanger that you will use to convert fiat money.

To make a withdrawal, you will need to follow a similar procedure, but immediately after selecting the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, you will need to fill out the following questionnaire.

It is worth noting that to confirm the withdrawal of funds on the Cryptopia exchange, you need to indicate the Bitcoin address from where you want to withdraw funds and enter the PIN code that you came up with during registration. After all the procedures have been completed, the money will be debited from your account and sent to the address you specified.


How to trade on the Cryptopia crypto exchange?

To join trading on Cryptopia you need to go to the “Exchange” tab. In this section, the purchase/sale of digital assets supported by the platform is carried out. Below the menu on the left is a search field. With its help, you can quickly find the required token by its exchange abbreviation (we remind you that the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange supports about 500 coins).

By selecting the asset you are interested in, you can view information about active orders for a given currency, as well as create your own orders for the purchase/sale of digital currency.

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange provides extensive trading opportunities. The most popular coins on the exchange are NZDT, USDT, DOGE, LTC and BTC. Below are the main trading tools using Dogecoin as an example. The upper part of the section contains a chart of current quotes. The user has the ability to adjust their scale. You can choose timeframes from five minutes to two hours.

At the bottom of the window there are two blocks for generating orders to buy or sell tokens. Unfortunately, the exchange platform does not provide margin trading. At the very bottom of the page there are signs containing orders opened by other users.

Cryptopia is an exchange platform that is far from the most popular. It cannot boast of significant trading volumes. Their daily figure does not exceed 20 million USD.

Basic information about the Cryptopia exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia considers New Zealand its homeland. We already said that it was founded in 2014, but was initially used as a mining pool. In it, users could increase their cryptocurrency assets by mining coins using popular algorithms. True, quite soon the resource got rid of all reminders of this line in its biography.

At the moment, it is a multi-fork crypto platform. It features a user-friendly interface for both professionals and ordinary beginners. However, there is one point - the exchange only speaks English, and this usually creates certain difficulties for users who do not know this language. Although, as mentioned above, the interface is simple, so it’s not difficult to understand the exchange even without knowing English.

Interestingly, the exchange has its own cryptocurrency. As for mining, the “MineShaft” tab has already disappeared. Let's take a closer look at the site's features:

  • Typically, this exchange is used to trade not very popular forks. This is facilitated by a large number of trading pairs. On the exchange you can work with more than five hundred cryptocurrencies. Many of them are not listed anywhere else - only on this resource. Having created a wallet, you can trade with virtually no restrictions;
  • The site has a popular name. It is called the “Shieldcoin Exchange”;

  • The platform conducts active public activities. The administration regularly shares information with users through social networks. For example, a crypto exchange has accounts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more;

  • The exchange has a chat where you can communicate with other users. Although, again, you need to know English so that other members of the community can understand you.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the service, but the exchange is constantly developing. And this is its main advantage.

How secure is the Cryptopia exchange?

The developers paid sufficient attention to the level of security in their project. The platform includes a set of all the main technologies that sufficiently protect user accounts from the actions of attackers. The exchange platform supports two-factor authentication. The list of possible solutions to the latter includes:

  1. security questions
  2. PIN code
  3. Google Authenticator
  4. authentication via email

The system requires the installation of a PIN code. The latter must include from four to eight characters. The user password requirements are also quite complex. It must contain large and small letters, numbers and special characters.

We recommend that you set up two-factor authentication. Install it not only for logging into the system, but also for depositing/withdrawing digital assets.

Cryptopia crypto exchange: pros and cons

Cryptopia, like other exchanges, has its pros and cons. Be sure to study them. This will allow you to make an adequate decision about whether to start working with this platform.

The main advantages of the Cryptopia exchange:

  1. Affiliate program. For attracting new users, the system awards bonuses. The size of the latter amounts to 10% of the income of the attracted trader. Bonuses are awarded in the form of an internal coin - DOT. The referral system looks quite attractive. Therefore, on this exchange you can get rich not only by trading, but also by attracting new users.
  2. Bonus program. The system randomly selects the user and awards him a small bonus in various digital currencies for performing any action.
  3. Exchange regulation. The site administration is closely monitoring the situation on the digital coin market. To prevent losses from their clients, developers can suspend trading on any digital asset.
  4. Supports 500 currencies. Not all exchange platforms can boast such a huge list of digital coins. The platform will be especially useful for users seeking to convert their existing unpopular altcoins into more liquid coins.

The list of advantages of the Cryptopia exchange is impressive.

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange has disadvantages:

  1. Lack of contacts with the founders of the site. You can contact the administration only on the site itself using a special form. This situation reduces the level of trust in the exchange. Although, it is worth noting that most users of the platform are satisfied with the speed of processing their requests to the administration.
  2. Small trading volumes. For some unpopular altcoins they are practically zero.
  3. Lack of fiat support. To convert your profits into fiat, you will have to transfer funds to another exchange or exchanger. This approach is not very convenient for most users.
  4. There is no support for the Russian language. The only language of the exchange platform is English. Although, this drawback is quite conditional. Because to understand the work of the exchange you do not need a high level of English proficiency. This drawback may only appear when you need to contact support.

As we can see, the Cryptopia exchange has both positive and negative aspects. Let's try to evaluate the most important parameter of the exchange - its reliability (cleanliness).

Technical support and rating of the Cryptopia exchange

Sometimes, when withdrawing money, the message “needs re synced” may appear. This means that the upload failed and the operation needs to be resynchronized. Usually this happens automatically, but if the status does not change, you should write to support.

Sometimes users encounter problems logging into their account: the program displays the message “your account is locked” (your account is blocked). Most often this happens if you forgot to enter the 2FA secret code that is sent to your email account or through Google Authenticator. In this case, you need to contact the site's technical support and follow their instructions.

To be fair, it should be noted that responses may take several days to arrive. This is due to the large influx of new Cryptopia users. Some people use the opportunity to contact support through social networks. Here are their links:


In general, Cryptopia takes pride of place in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges. Of course, the service has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, it is worth noting that the exchange supports quite a lot of cryptocurrencies, including rare altcoins. The list is constantly updated and adjusted: if any problems arise with a particular crypto coin, Cryptopia suspends trading on it.

The lack of resource is the lack of fiat money support. If you need to transfer money into rubles, dollars or euros, you have to carry out several exchange operations: first, exchange coins for popular bitcoins or ethereum, and only then buy traditional cash.

Should you trust this exchange and trade cryptocurrency on Cryptopia

The majority of clients of the Cryptopia crypto exchange evaluate the exchange’s performance positively or neutrally. The main flow of users goes to this site in order to sell or buy little-known coins. Actually, for this reason, the project received a comic name - “shitcoin exchange”. On this site there are coins that are not found anywhere else. Owners of such altcoins have nowhere to sell them except here.

There are quite a few Russian-speaking users on the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange. However, their reviews of the exchange are mostly positive. There are no recorded cases related to the problem of withdrawal/deposit of funds. Many people note the high-quality work of the support service. The key drawback of the platform, according to most users, is the weak daily trading volumes. A separate plus of the platform is voting for adding a new token to the listing.

Recently, user reviews about this site have been causing concern. There was a lot of negativity. Users of the site note that there are many more negative aspects than before.

There have been recorded cases where transfers within the exchange disappeared as a result of hackers. Moreover, two-factor authentication does not save you from such incidents. There were cases when users completely lost their transaction history along with their balance.

In 2020, the exchange began having problems with the withdrawal/input of assets. Users complain about frequent freezes and disappearance of funds. Moreover, this only appears with large transactions. Small amounts are withdrawn quickly and without problems.

The support service has also become much worse. Some users complain about the lack of response from them. In general, the situation with this exchange is quite ambiguous. We recommend that you refrain from working with the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange for now.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Any crypto trader in the modern world uses a large selection of trading platforms, thanks to which he has the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency for very generous dividends. Fresh, inconspicuous crypto exchanges are constantly appearing, sites that very often break out into the top 10. Just today we present to you a new promising crypto exchange called Cryptopia , which has defeated extremely powerful competition and thereby attracted attention. Let's take a closer look at why the presented crypto exchange is so interesting to traders and what active users of Cryptopia .

!!! There is a phishing (left) site on the Internet. Go to the exchange at the correct address -

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is a moderate trading platform with a daily turnover of $22 million. That is, the platform is absolutely simple, it is far from being extremely popular, but there is a significant number of advantages that make such a cryptocurrency exchange special in its own way. According to reliable data, Cryptopia is a New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2014, initially operating not as a platform for crypto trading, but as a mining pool. Many years later, the founders of the service decided to add the possibility of crypto trading to the exchange, but since the connection with traditional mining was lost, Cryptopia as an exchange for cryptocurrency trading. Many experienced traders register to create their accounts on the Cryptopia in order to gain open access to the largest volume of crypto coins, which are not yet available even on global trading platforms. Since the site features exclusive crypto coins and forks, and the sum of trading pairs has reached 480, active traders began to call the service a “shieldcoin” .


⦁ Profitable referral program. ⦁ The solid number of all cryptocurrency pairs is 480. Available deposit/withdrawal of funds by any possible means. ⦁ Opportunities for trading rare crypto coins. ⦁ High level of administrative control - problematic cryptocurrency pairs or spams are immediately removed from trading. ⦁ Passing verification is not necessary, only in cases of expanding personal limits. ⦁ Titanic level of system reliability – two-factor authentication. ⦁ The traditional functionality of a crypto exchange has a marketplace, thanks to which clients can exchange personal goods for internal cryptocurrency. ⦁ Maximum information content of the sections - if you want to learn about a specific coin, any relevant section has everything you need. ⦁ Internal forum for communication and round-the-clock consultations with more experienced crypto traders.

Systemic deficiencies

1. Trading exclusively in cryptocurrencies (fiat manipulations excluded). If you read the reviews, the lack of fiat does not particularly bother clients, since the presented cryptocurrency exchange works with Ukrainian hryvnia, Russian rubles, and American euros/dollars. 2. Compressed trading volumes. Not all traders prefer to work on the Cryptopia , because if you look into it, you won’t be able to make much of a difference on such an exchange. 3. Cryptopia was recently accused of unjustifiably blocking user accounts. This turn of events left a very dark stain on the impeccable reputation of the popular crypto exchange. 4. The interface is exclusively in English, so many Russian-speaking clients definitely feel some operational discomfort.

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