bitrex com cryptocurrency exchange - review 2020 from A to Z

The Bittrex crypto exchange is one of the leaders among platforms for trading bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Initially, Bittrex served as an exchange office, but after some time its founders decided to expand the functionality, which made it a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange. The Bittrex exchange has gained particular popularity among traders trading altcoins, since it has coins in circulation that are not available on other exchanges.

Registration on the Bittrex exchange

Registration on the exchange is not difficult. To do this, you need to go to the “Login” tab on the welcome page of the exchange website.

In the registration form that appears, you must enter your email address and password.

After confirming your email address, you can log in to the exchange website using your registration data.

Please note that Bittrex implements user IP binding, so each time you log in you will receive a notification by e-mail. This is especially true for users with dynamic IP.

How to verify your account?

In order to withdraw cryptocurrency from the bittrex , you must go through the verification procedure. If this is not done, then the amount of daily withdrawal of funds will not exceed 0.025 BTC or even issue “ insufficient funds bittrex ”.

Verification on bittrex is carried out in the following steps:

  • Click on “Settings”.

  • Click on “Basic Verification”.
  • Enter your initials (genuine).

  • Indicate the date, month and year of birth.

  • Enter your residential address.

  • In the special column, indicate the series and number of the passport.

  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Next, click “Phone Verification”.

  • Enter your number.
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • You will receive a code on your phone that you will need to enter on the website.

If you intend to withdraw more than 3 BTC per day, then you will need to send a scan of your passport.

Of course, on the bittrex platform you can earn good money by trading cryptocurrencies. However, to become a successful trader, you need to constantly monitor the currency market, create your own tactics, and also respond to various changes in a timely manner. In the end, we recommend watching the video , which also talks about registering and trading on the exchange.

Replenishing your account and withdrawing currency on the Bittrex exchange

When replenishing your account and withdrawing money on the Bittrex crypto exchange, things are a little simpler than on other sites. The fact is that on Bittrex, input/output operations occur exclusively in cryptocurrency. For financial transactions, you need to go to the “Wallets” tab on the main page of the site.

In order to top up your account , you need to click “+” next to the required cryptocurrency, after which in the window that appears, the system will generate an address to which you can transfer the cryptocurrency.

Accordingly, to withdraw money from your account , you need to click “-” next to the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing.

Register for Bitrix

We talked about the advantages, why the service did not please the diverse public - also, now the time has come for the most important action - registering a personal account. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to understand how to go through this procedure, however, we will explain in detail in pictures what should be written and where to click to become the proud owner of an account on Bittrex.

1) Visit the crypto exchange website -

2) On the main page we are interested in the “LOGIN” button in the right corner or the “Get started now” button further down the page. If you chose the last option, then a registration form will open for you; if you clicked the authorization button, you will have to find a link to create a “Sign Up” account. 3) After this, a simple procedure follows: we enter the login, email and password in the appropriate fields of the regform. All that remains is to accept the terms of the agreement by checking the box and clicking the “Sign Up” button.

4) The last step is email confirmation. You just need to follow the link in the letter, but if you indicated an invalid email address, then you will have to go through the above procedure again, but this time write only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Account verification

Despite the fact that deposits and withdrawals of fiat money are not carried out on the Bittrex exchange, the system still has a verification procedure that has several levels.

At the beginning of 2020, new rules were introduced on Bittrex. For users registered after January 8, 2020, withdrawal operations without verification are not available.

The amount of funds available for withdrawal depends on the level of account verification:

  • Basic Verification allows you to withdraw no more than 3 BTC per day. To pass, you must enter your passport information.
  • Enhanced Verification allows you to withdraw up to 100 bitcoins per day. To pass it, you need to upload scanned copies of the necessary documents and confirm their ownership via a webcam. Advanced verification can be completed only after passing basic verification.

Please note that the first time you log into the Bittrex exchange after registration, your account is not confirmed by anything, so the system will not give you the opportunity to deposit funds. This is only possible after passing basic verification.


As of January 8, 2020, Bitrix has new rules regarding verification. If you are a new user and have not confirmed your identity, you will not be able to withdraw money. Participants who registered before January 8, 2017 can withdraw 0.025 BTC per day without verification, but no more.

Thus, you will still have to undergo personal data verification; to do this, go to the “Basic Verification” section.

First of all, we fill out the fields of the verification form with personal data - they must be reliable and match the data in the passport. In the first block we write down the first name, middle name and last name.

Next, indicate the month, day and year of birth:

After this, you need to tell in detail about your place of residence:

Finally, enter your passport number in the line and click the “Submit” button.

As I already said, you don’t need to send photos of your documents - just provide real data and the service will check them online. If everything is entered correctly, the first stage of verification will be completed successfully.

The next step is to verify the phone number, for which go to the “ Phone Verification ” tab (1). Enter your phone number in international format (2) and click the “ Submit ” button (3). An SMS with a code will be sent to the specified number, which will need to be indicated on the website.

Extended verification with the provision of a photo with documents in hand is necessary only if you plan to withdraw 100 BTC per day.:) And since there are probably no such readers here, a simple identity check is quite enough. Moreover, there is also a decent withdrawal limit - 3 bitcoins per day.

The Bitrix exchange is one of the most popular and largest trading platforms for trading cryptocurrency. It has a number of advantages with a minimum of disadvantages, so I advise you to definitely create an account on it.

I hope from my review you learned how to use Bittrex com and this information will be useful for you to make a profit. Happy trading!

Register on the exchange

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Order types

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange supports two types of orders:

  • Limit orders are ordinary limit orders familiar to every Forex trader;
  • Conditional orders are orders that are opened under certain conditions.

Conditional orders can be of two types:

  • Greater Than Or Equal To - the price is greater or equal.
  • Less Than Or Equal To – the price is less or equal.

In addition, there are two types of order execution on the exchange:

  • Good ' Til Canceled – execution of an order at a set price or cancellation by the trader.
  • Immediate or Cancel – the order is immediately executed by the exchange if the conditions are met. Otherwise, the exchange will cancel this order.

Let us immediately note that such an order system is not very convenient and can cause difficulties for novice traders. In addition, in this format there is no possibility of simultaneously setting stop loss and take profit.

How to trade on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange

The main page of the Bittrex exchange displays a feed that displays the top cryptocurrencies in terms of Top Volume and Biggest % Gain (strongest growth in percentage terms).

In the upper left corner of the page there are two buttons for selecting markets:

  • The first button (with the Bitcoin icon) is a market where currency pairs consisting exclusively of cryptocurrencies are traded.
  • the second button (with a dollar sign) is a market where cryptocurrencies are traded in pairs with the dollar.

Having selected the required market, we find the trading instrument we need in the drop-down window.

By clicking on it, we get a chart of the selected currency pair and the necessary tools for this:

Window No. 1 – currency pair chart

There are 9 timeframes available for chart analysis (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, D1, D3, W1, M1). The chart itself can be presented in a linear form, in the form of bars and Japanese candles.

Unlike other exchanges, Bittrex offers a large set of technical indicators (36 pieces).

Window No. 2 – High/Low points, Bid and Ask prices, as well as trading volume for the last day.

Window No. 3 – directly for opening trade orders.

Below are the windows:

  • ORDER BOOK – order book
  • OPEN ORDERS – information about your open orders
  • MARKET HISTORY – latest trades for the selected pair
  • MY ORDER HISTORY – information about your closed orders

The trading process itself is intuitive and does not require additional explanation. It is enough to select the required currency pair, and then open a buy or sell order in the appropriate window.

Please note: the Bittrex exchange charges a fixed commission of 0.25% for each transaction.

WPLeaks - safe earnings on the Internet! Information leak!

Bitrex Group considers itself a safe trading platform that operates on advanced technologies.

Offers to work under an affiliate program and receive pleasant bonuses. The affiliate program offers to pay from 3-7 percent of profits. Of course, provided that new club members constantly sign up for your referrals.

At this point we can conclude that the company is a classic financial pyramid. No one will ever make a profit here.

There are numerous reviews online and most of them are negative. Let's not say anything and let's be honest that there are also positive reviews. Perhaps some managed to make a profit, but it is insignificant compared to the investment.

We will look at the project in more detail in this review.

Search queries

The project is searched on the Internet using the following queries:

  • Bitrex Group reviews
  • BITREX LLC is a scam or not
  • Cryptocurrency trading

Still, not everyone blindly believes in the tales of a pseudo broker and decides to check the information.


The site address is located under the domain

The site is typical for such projects. Developed on a construction set, minimalistic design.

The main page shows the benefits of cooperation:

  • DDOS protection
  • Payouts every day
  • Technical support

Works with various payment systems:

  • VISA
  • Perfect money
  • Payeer
  • Mastercard
  • Comodo
  • Cloudflare

A profitable affiliate system is also offered:

  • Profit 7% from the partner’s contribution
  • Profit 3% from the contribution of a second level partner
  • Deposits at 10% per day for a period of 30 days
  • Regular bonuses for activity in the project
  • Upgraded control panel
  • Automated system

Everything seems fine, until it’s time to go to the section with legal information. By the way, this is the most interesting information when checking a project.

The administrator is trying to convince us that we are dealing with the company Bitrex LLC. Not everyone will bother to check, but this is the first trick.

In the register of legal entities, such a company is engaged in the wholesale trade of timber. How so, Bitrex?

In addition, the current legal address has real problems with its registration.

As for the site, it’s a little over two months old. Although we are assured of two years of experience. The admin made a big mistake.

The Internet is full of negative reviews. Since the project began its existence not so long ago, there will most likely be even more. The site has other positive reviews uploaded. Here are just the payment amounts of 50-100 rubles.



However, not too verbose for a serious company. And it is unlikely that we will receive a response to our appeal.

The essence of the scam

The company provides complete security, as well as work on site with advanced technologies. Bitrex Group is the creator of the investment exchange.

But this is just their positioning. In fact, the project has nothing to do with investments. All activities are carried out on hype. Only the top of the pyramid makes money there. The rest can count on a profit of no more than 50-100 rubles.

The company is young, there are few reviews. But these are only negative reviews.

Project evaluation

Bitrex Group is trying to make money on hype. His goal is to hit the jackpot. Investing here is completely foolhardy. This is where deception and money scams take place.

Earnings with Bitrex Group. Scam Tags: Bitrex Group earnings, Bitrex Group scam, Bitrex Group scammer, Bitrex Group review, Bitrex Group real reviews, Bitrex Group honest review, reviews, https://bitrex .vip pays or not, real reviews, reviews, pays or not, real reviews, honest reviews

Account security

Like other top cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex takes the security of its customers' accounts seriously. Its reliability is evidenced by the fact that DDoS attacks aimed at the exchange several times could not cause any harm.

In addition, the Bittrex exchange practices storing cryptocurrency that is not used in trading in “cold” wallets.

As on other cryptocurrency platforms, the following protective measures are used:

  • two-factor authentication
  • access via API keys
  • use of “white” sheets for IP addresses and withdrawal of funds

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bittrex exchange

  • user-friendly interface
  • huge selection of cryptocurrencies for trading
  • large trading volumes, high liquidity
  • simple verification procedure
  • high security of personal funds and accounts
  • adequate and prompt technical support
  • availability of technical tools for chart analysis
  • fixed commission amount

Disadvantages of Bittrex

  • lack of localization of the exchange in Russian
  • lack of ability to deposit/withdraw fiat money
  • complex system of trading orders, causing difficulties for beginners
  • lack of leverage (with the same success, this point can be attributed to the advantages)

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange is one of the top platforms, has a high degree of reliability and is very popular among crypto traders. The lack of a Russian-language interface may initially scare away beginners, but the functionality of the exchange is extremely simple and clear and does not cause any difficulties in trading.

Attention! Registration has been temporarily suspended on the Bittrex exchange!

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