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Hello everyone, today I will tell you about one of the most popular binary options brokers, Olymp Trade.

You can ask any trader, and he will definitely say that he has heard about this company. Moreover, the opinions will be completely opposite, but it will be all the more interesting to conduct this research.

In the article I will analyze all the ins and outs of this brokerage firm, show the nuances of the organization’s services, how to use their services, and also what you should pay attention to. In addition to the technical side, I’ll look at the reviews of people from different sides of the financial barricades.

In general, everyone who reads this article will have a complete understanding of what Olymp Trade is. So go ahead, it's time to form an opinion about this broker.

About the broker

Name"Olymp Trade industries LTD"
Year of foundation2014
Regulator and license"The Financial Commission"
Reliability"A" Financial Commission
Available assetsCrypto, securities, raw materials, currencies, indices.
Trading platformIndividual software "Olymp Trade"
Minimum deposit10 dollars or 300 rubles.
Head office addressJames Street, Kingstown, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Official site
Hotline number8-800-555-45-62
Types of supportHotline, online chat, email, FAQ
Free demo accountEat
Minimum commission0

Olymp Trade website

The company's official website is designed in light colors, which give the impression of simplicity and reliability. It is somewhat different from what we are used to seeing from most modern brokers, who prefer a bright and bold design that catches the eye and encourages immediate action.

The main page of, like the rest of the site, is completely translated into Russian.

In general, the Internet resource creates a feeling of calm. It seems that the broker is completely confident in himself and his advantages.

On the website you can see the list of services provided by the company. Its regulators, quote providers, advantages and the latest news from the binary options industry.

There is also a short video intended to quickly familiarize clients with the essence of binary options, the principles of making money on them and the opportunities they provide to the trader. At the same time, the video material briefly introduces the viewer to the Olymp Trade trading platform. A very useful thing for beginners, which helps to quickly resolve most of the questions and prepare them for working with a broker.

The buttons a trader needs, leading to his personal account or trading platform, are located in plain sight and are always at hand. In general, we can say that the design and functionality of the official OlympTrade website deserves the highest praise.

Brief history of the broker and awards

Olymp trade as a broker began its activities in 2014, and in a fairly short period of time gained great popularity among binary options traders. Success was achieved largely due to its own good quality trading platform, as well as support and a high level of customer loyalty.

According to the company, now there are about 250 thousand active users in Olymp Trade, which provide a trading volume of $170 million. Over several years, Olymp Trade has received a number of high-level awards, for example, the title of best financial broker from the CPA Life Awards 2017. The associations “Le Fonti” and “The Forex Awards” recognized Olymp Trade as the best interactive trading platform in 2020 and 2018. And the “IAFT Awards” awarded Olymp Trade first place in innovation among brokers. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the company's awards.

Beginning of work

To open an account with the Olymp Trade broker, you need to click the “Start Trading” button on the main page of the site, select the “Registration” tab and fill out a simple information form. For all subsequent logins, you must use the “Login” tab.

To avoid entering any data, synchronize with one of the proposed social networks. A nuance: since social networks have been prohibited in Ukraine since 2017, only the classic registration method is suitable for Ukrainian traders.

Registration form.

If everything is done correctly, the Olymp Trade broker platform will open in front of you. It is equipped with two trading accounts that the user will use to learn and earn money:

a demo account is a renewable training deposit of 10,000 rubles; a real account is the main account that you will replenish and grow.

The Olymp Trade broker is aimed at beginners who do not have sufficient capital at their disposal. That is why the minimum deposit with the company is $10 or 350 rubles.

Trading platform.

Available ways to replenish your balance.

What services does it offer?

The main business direction of the Olymp Trade company is providing a platform for active trading using binary options. This type of financial instrument implies a digital contract that has pre-agreed conditions in the form of expiration time (execution of the option) and a fixed rate of profit.

In addition, Olymp Trade provides an opportunity to earn additional income through cooperation with the company through an affiliate program. This means inviting new clients through the use of special referral links from the broker.

Terms of service and tariffs

Account typesVirtual, standard, VIP
Minimum bid30 rubles/$1/€1 - for a standard account 100,000 rubles/$2000/€2000 - for a VIP account
Maximum betRUB 150,000/$2,000/€2,000 for a standard account RUB 400,000/$5,000/€5,000 for a VIP account
Bonus100% of the deposit replenishment amount is credited when registering a new account
Payouts (% of bet)Up to 82% for a standard account Up to 92% for a VIP account
Expiration timeFrom 1 min to 60 min.
Deposit currencyRubles/usd/eur
Withdrawal feeNo
Deposit and withdrawal methodsBank cards Visa or Mastercard, QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, NETELLER, Contact 24, etc.

Software and mobile trading

Olymp Trade produces an interactive trading terminal, which has built-in various indicators and analytical tools.

Along with this, Olymp Trade offers an integrated mobile application, which is characterized by high interaction speed and great functionality. The application can be downloaded on Android or iOS.

Everyone chooses a trading method for themselves, but in general, Olymp Trade mobile software is enough for trading binary options.

On the company's official website you can find the latest analytics, as well as the economic calendar of the main macro-events that have the greatest impact on the course of exchange trading.

Registration and account opening

Login to the Olymp Trade website, if you have already registered previously, can be done either by entering your login and password, or through one of the social networks, for example, VKontakte. If you just plan to become a client of a broker, you will have to register.

You can start registering from the “Start Trading” button; a window will open in front of us in which you need to select the “Registration” item and enter your data.

A risk warning will appear, confirm your agreement with what is written in it and you can start trading.

You can switch between accounts directly in the trading platform.

Registration on the official Olymp Trade website can also be done through social networks, in which case you will only need to provide access to information about yourself. This is the simplest option - you can register in literally 2-3 clicks.

Working with a broker

Interaction with the Olymp Trade broker occurs in several stages. First you need to register, open an account, go through verification, learn how to work with the platform interface, after which you can start trading financial instruments. All these points have their own nuances that every trader should know about.

Therefore, now I will talk about each of the stages of interaction separately.

Registration on the official website

Registration on the Olymp Trade website is not difficult.

But now registration for users from Russia has been suspended for reasons that are of a local legislative nature. This restriction applies only to opening new accounts or implementing advertising campaigns in the country.

Those who have already worked through Olymp Trade before will be able to use the services of a financial broker as usual. If you reside in a country whose laws do not interfere with the operation of Olymp Trade, traders can register accounts.

To do this, you need to fill out an online form on the official Olymp Trade website. There you should indicate standard identification data, such as full name, country, email, etc.

Instructions for opening an account

To obtain demo access to trading and the Olymp Trade terminal, you only need to confirm a unique code from your email.

And if you open a standard or VIP account, you will have to additionally verify (confirm the identity) of the client. This process involves sending copies of documents identifying the user for processing by company employees. In most cases, this process takes several days.

But if there are some incorrect aspects with client identification, then everything can drag on for quite a long time.

Demo account

The demo version of the account allows you to use the full functionality of the interactive terminal of the Olymp Trade broker and make transactions using virtual funds.

The balance is set at 10,000 virtual rubles. Transactions are carried out with absolute identity to real binary options trading.

This type of account is useful not only as trial access, but also as a training ground for practicing trading strategies. This will be interesting for already experienced users of the Olymp Trade platform.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

It is possible to make payments with the Olymp Trade broker through many transaction tools. The list of methods available for transactions includes both electronic money and bank cards or special payment systems.

And then the territory of rules and restrictions begins:

  1. There is a condition that you can withdraw profit from your Olympus account only to the instrument from which the deposit was made. If a trader initially deposited money using his Visa bank card, then he will be able to withdraw funds exclusively to the same bank card.
  2. There are also minimum amount limits per request. But there’s nothing to worry about here, since the threshold is set at 350 rubles. or 10 dollars.
  3. In addition, I would like to note once again that before attempting to withdraw money from your account, you must undergo account verification. The withdrawal period can be up to 3 days, but in fact this process occurs much faster and rarely takes more than one day.

Technical support

Well done on this issue Olymp Trade. The company provides technical support in different languages, including for Russian-speaking clients.

To contact a company employee regarding your question, you need to select one of the contact methods. Now there is an opportunity:

  • use the hotline;
  • via email;
  • consult directly online via chat on the official website.

The fastest way to get an answer to your question is to chat or call. However, it is still better to send substantive requests or requests via email.

In addition, on the Olymp Trade website you can find a main list of the most popular questions/answers, which also often helps save time.

Login to your personal account

Logging into the official Olymp Trade website does not cause any difficulties even for the least advanced computer users. All you need to do is follow the link in the email you received upon registration. You will automatically be logged into your personal account.

However, if you need authorization on another computer or on your own after reinstalling the operating system, it is important to remember the password and mailbox address.

Go back to the official Olymp Trade website and switch the registration window to “login”. To do this, simply click on the corresponding inscription at the top of the window.

Now enter your username (email address), password, confirm that you are not a robot and click the login button.

If you have forgotten your password, you can remember it by clicking on the “Change Password” button. Next, enter the email address attached to the official Olymp Trade website, and a letter will be sent to it within a few minutes. With its help, everything can be restored.

Some users never remember passwords and logins for their mailboxes, which is a big mistake. Many of us use a new email every time we register, as a result of which we forget what is attached to what.

If faced with a similar situation in the case of Olymp Trade, the user must at least remember his email or register again. Store your registration information and use one box for all your needs.

Divorce or not

You must understand that trading is a very risky activity in itself; it requires serious preparation. When a trader makes a trade, he needs some kind of analytical or technical advantage, and he cannot be right on every trade. Therefore, most complaints about manipulation of quotes are often unfounded or are only of an emotional nature.

Now regarding the withdrawal of funds from the broker's account. With a proper verification process, as well as compliance with the conditions established by Olymp Trade, problems will be minimized. In other cases, they can be resolved through technical support.

Real reviews

In reality, the situation with reviews varies greatly between positive and negative comments on the activities of Olymp Trade. Moreover, this situation is observed both in the Russian-speaking space and on foreign platforms.

In fact, there are a huge number of reviews, but I will talk specifically about the average opinions of the masses of people, maneuvering through individual subjective stories.


Comments from Olymp Trade users are very easy to share. Praiseful reviews relate to the platform, technical advancement of the broker and analytical capabilities, while negative reviews are associated with failures in trading, as well as blocking of money. There are a large number of such comments on the Internet.


Olymp Trade provides the opportunity for exclusively independent trading. Therefore, all clients, one way or another, can relate to traders; accordingly, opinions here are also concentrated in two planes. Positive reviews relate to the technical equipment of the platform, while negative ones address the issue of manipulation and withdrawal of money.


As far as Olymp Trade employees are concerned, everything is fine here, the reviews are decent, as an employer the company is satisfied with a large number of its employees, and this is a good sign. However, from time to time there are opinions about the workload being too high, incommensurate with the established salary, but there is nothing negative in terms of reliability from people with an insider’s view of the Olymp Trade company.

Using the example of Olymp Trade

Of course, you need to compare something with something, and since I have been working with this broker for quite a long time, I will use it as, if not a standard, but a good example of how an honest company should work. But, before we start, I would like to show off the new earnings results on this platform and this will be the first difference, because... In principle, it is impossible to make money from scammers.

If in normal places there is a certain percentage of clients who lose money due to their own stupidity and inexperience, then with scammers the indicator is always 100% and you will not be able to remain in profit, even if the system first shows you what you are earning. That is, you will not be able to take screenshots like these from your personal account:

To receive such profit click here

By the way, I posted my last income report in the post “Is it really possible to make money on Olymp Trade” and it ended on June 29. Today is the 17th of the new month and in a little more than 2 weeks, I managed to make a profit of $500, which in terms of rubles is about 32,000 thousand. Not the best result, I agree, but I have said many times that I have completely different tasks, I don’t play roulette and don’t hope for a one-time win, trading is slowly becoming my profession, which I will do for the rest of my life. If it’s not binary options, then the stock market, but I won’t give up this occupation and so far it’s sitting well on BO.

Everyone knows that people make money on the stock market, they cite Wall Street as an example, they hold competitions for private investors, but no one talks about the fact that a huge number of people lose their capital. Therefore, the next time someone tells you that you can’t make money on options, then know that only those who work with a reliable broker, test different approaches, study, etc. make money here.

And another distinctive point is that scammers always guarantee you a profit and deliberately mislead you. For example, Olymp Trade does not do this and places a warning about risks on its website, and then you decide for yourself whether this investment method is suitable for you or not. If you are just getting acquainted with this platform, be sure to read real reviews from traders.

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