How much does the Kucoin exchange pay holders of KCS coins (kucoin shares)? Real payment in coins and dollars! Kucoin bonus in numbers per day and per year!


KuCoin Shares (KCS) is a cryptocurrency founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts who have established themselves in large companies such as Ant Financial and GF Securities, Kucoin strives to provide users with digital asset exchange services that are even more secure and convenient than Fiat.

KuCoin Shares is the internal token of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

Kucoin's competitiveness lies in its strong R&D team, which provides stability and world-class service.

Much of KCS serves as a means of rewarding its customers who promote the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange, attracting new customers.

The developers plan to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms - to enter the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges (by capitalization). KCS will act as one of the factors in achieving this goal by stimulating its clients with the KCS token.

KCS runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is an erc20 token.

Quarterly Buybacks: KuCoin will buy back KCS every quarter. He will buy tokens using 10% of the profits received from transaction fees. The ransom will continue until 100 million KCS are destroyed.

Based on the design solution of the modern financial system, the core system of the Kucoin exchange has adopted an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture. A bank-wide disaster-tolerant deployment was implemented with two locations and three centers that can handle multiple tasks in multiple locations simultaneously, thus ensuring stability in situations such as equipment failure, and even natural disasters.

The platform is built strictly in accordance with funding level standards. Industry standard encryption protocol is applied to all data layers to ensure that all user data and sensitive information is stored through bank-level data encryption.

A multi-factor dynamic authentication mechanism has been introduced for transactions such as making a transaction or withdrawing funds to ensure maximum security for users.

Note that this cryptocurrency is centralized.

In fact, the KCS cryptocurrency has a lot in common with BNB (the Binance exchange token).

Cryptocurrency KuCoin Shares (KCS)

KuCoin Shares (KCS) is the internal token of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange of the same name. One of the main differences between this site and similar exchanges is that the service shares its own income with its participants. Profits are divided proportionally between KCS holders and paid daily. The amount of the incentive depends on the amount of currency in your personal account. In addition to payments for holding KCS tokens, the KuCoin exchange also pays token owners 90% of all collected commissions in coins in which these commissions were traded. Just like on the Binance exchange, owners of NEO coins are credited with Gas.

More about KuCoin Shares (KCS)

KuCoin Shares is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum technology (ERC20 token). It can be purchased on the KuCoin exchange itself or received as a reward. Having a token gives you access to various bonuses, including fee income, lower commissions, and other special services.

The coins were distributed in 3 stages: 35% (approx.

approximately 65 million) went to the founders of the company, 15% (about 25 million) went to large institutional investors, the remaining 50% (100 million) can be purchased by anyone.

In order to increase user engagement and improve the attractiveness of the token, the site team decided to award a premium bonus, which is equal to 50% of the total amount of commissions charged by the resource from KCS holders.

KuCoin Shares Team

The project is headed by former Ant Financial specialist Michael Gan. He also took part in the creation of such large online resources as MikeCRM and Kf5. A talented programmer and competent leader, Gan boasts enormous experience in the field of blockchain technology.

Eric Don is responsible for the technical content of the KuCoin Shares platform. Over the course of more than 10 years of fruitful activity, he managed to work in many well-known IT companies, including Youling, Fengzheng Lianxian and Ruiyun Wulian. He knows firsthand about the intricacies of successfully starting a high-tech business, such as digital currency.

The position of executive director is occupied by Kent Lee. He is responsible for organizing the current stages of development and all kinds of day-to-day operations. In addition, he heads the REAP platform launched by Stanford University in Asia.

Finally, KuCoin Shares promotion is led by Jack Zhu. His team employs over 200 employees.

Among the partners and consultants of the project: the general director of the large Jianbang Communication holding - John Lee, a specialist in the field of cryptographic currency and manager of several Internet services - Top Lan.

Distinctive features of the KuCoin Shares crypto coin

Your own internal currency is not the only thing that the KuCoin Shares platform can offer. Among its other interesting features are:

  1. High degree of security. The resource wallet contains multi-stage encoding, constant bank audit and reliable storage.
  2. Speed ​​of operations. The platform developers promise that the electronic currency will be transferred to the balance within 2 minutes after payment, and the withdrawal of funds will not take more than 10 minutes.
  3. 24/7 technical support. The user can always ask for help through Telegram, WeChat and other messengers.
  4. Possibility of passive income. To receive dividends, you only need to have KCS tokens in your account.

Advantages of the KuCoin Shares project and the KuCoin exchange

First of all, the company policy should be mentioned. The creators of KuCoin Shares claim that their chosen strategy makes it possible to support existing users and attract new participants. They see their task as achieving a leading position in the cryptocurrency market, and the introduction of various bonuses, promotions and incentives will help in this.

The next thing to note is the stability of KuCoin Shares. The approach used by the platform developers guarantees the regularity and efficiency of the functioning of the available financial instruments. In addition, they provide an unusually wide range of digital currency transactions.

KuCoin uses modern encryption algorithms. The degree of their reliability is comparable to the level provided by traditional banking institutions. The resource architecture allows you to perform up to 2 million requests per second. However, this is not the limit. According to the project team, the performance of the service will be significantly increased in the future. We should not forget about the excellent referral program, which gives you the opportunity to earn money by attracting new network members.

Finally, as mentioned above, competent technical support. The platform developers really listen to the community and make changes when necessary. The coin offers great promotions and other bonus events.

Where to buy KCS tokens

You can buy KCS coins on the KuCoin exchange.

KCS Summary

KCS is a digital asset with good potential. Its creators, the team that launched the KuCoin exchange, have at their disposal all the components of a successful project. The exchange has a modern usability-friendly design, a profitable affiliate program, the implementation of convenient tradeview diagrams, and an extremely responsive technical service. Having your own internal token KuCoin Shares is certainly a good additional advantage of the site, which allows its users to receive stable passive income. The creators of the platform aim to enter the top ten most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Considering what has been achieved, they may well succeed.

KuCoin Shares (KCS) rate

Development team

The development team is completely open access. The team consists of 8 people in total.

Michael Grant is the founder of the project. Former technical expert of Ant Financial, Alibaba Group, senior partner of Internet giants such as MikeCRM and KF5.

Eric Don is the director and founder of the project. Eric is a partner of IT companies such as YOULIN, KITEME and REINIOT.

Top Lan – co-founder, developer.

Kent Li - Vice President of Security, co-founder of the project.

Miles Mu – commercial director.

John Lee - business development. Former president of Jianbang Communication and director of the group-purchase magnates project.

Johnny Lyu – co-founder, developer, designer.

Jack Zhu – manager. Vice President of Strategy & Co-Founder, former head of iBoxPay.

Where can I buy?

KuCoin cryptocurrency is traded on the following exchanges.


KCS course:

1 KCS =3.89000000 AED
1 KCS =0.00000000 AFN
1 KCS =106.680000 ALL
1 KCS =417.660000 AMD
1 KCS =1049.67000 AOA
1 KCS =1.46400000 AUD
1 KCS =0.00000000 AZN
1 KCS =0.96810000 BAM
1 KCS =0.00000000 BBD
1 KCS =99.4200000 BDT
1 KCS =2.50200000 BGN
1 KCS =0.23660000 BHD
1 KCS =7.47700000 BOB
1 KCS =5.68100000 BRL
1 KCS =0.00000000 BSD
1 KCS =0.00008932 BTC
1 KCS =0.00000000 BTN
1 KCS =32.2500000 BTS
1 KCS =2.72500000 BYN
1 KCS =1.39200000 CAD
1 KCS =0.95370000 CHF
1 KCS =7.42800000 CNY
1 KCS =3734.34000 COP
1 KCS =654.020000 CRC
1 KCS =23.0900000 CZK
1 KCS =0.01152000 DASH
1 KCS =8.75300000 DKK
1 KCS =308.000000 DOGE
1 KCS =63.1600000 DOP
1 KCS =23.7000000 DZD
1 KCS =525.410000 EAC
1 KCS =18.0200000 EGP
1 KCS =20.5800000 EMC
1 KCS =25.5400000 ETB
1 KCS =0.00246400 ETH
1 KCS =0.88360000 EUR
1 KCS =0.59470000 FCT
1 KCS =107.610000 FTC
1 KCS =0.79780000 GBP
1 KCS =3.31400000 GEL
1 KCS =0.20120000 GGP
1 KCS =0.02630000 GIP
1 KCS =9.61700000 GTQ
1 KCS =8.09900000 HKD
1 KCS =26.8000000 HNL
1 KCS =6.81300000 HRK
1 KCS =337.970000 HUF
1 KCS =15631.1800 IDR
1 KCS =3.60900000 ILS
1 KCS =77.6000000 INR
1 KCS =980.300000 IQD
1 KCS =219530.3100 IRR
1 KCS =137.280000 ISK
1 KCS =189.820000 JMD
1 KCS =0.77750000 JOD
1 KCS =111.430000 JPY
1 KCS =111.750000 KES
1 KCS =56.6800000 KGS
1 KCS =3655.20000 KHR
1 KCS =1228.32000 KRW
1 KCS =478.190000 KZT
1 KCS =1548.80000 LBP
1 KCS =210.730000 LKR
1 KCS =0.01859000 LTC
1 KCS =9.32300000 MAD
1 KCS =14.5100000 MDL
1 KCS =0.00000000 MGA
1 KCS =1198.90000 MMK
1 KCS =0.00000000 MVR
1 KCS =1136.82000 MWK
1 KCS =22.9800000 MXN
1 KCS =4.38100000 MYR
1 KCS =0.00000000 MZN
1 KCS =23.2200000 NAD
1 KCS =490.050000 NGN
1 KCS =1.00800000 NMC
1 KCS =8.97400000 NOK
1 KCS =145.220000 NPR
1 KCS =4.95700000 NVC
1 KCS =80.4700000 NXT
1 KCS =1.62100000 NZD
1 KCS =0.43570000 OMR
1 KCS =1.07600000 PAB
1 KCS =3.73600000 PEN
1 KCS =6.05600000 PGK
1 KCS =52.5800000 PHP
1 KCS =172.170000 PKR
1 KCS =3.90800000 PLN
1 KCS =3.42000000 PPC
1 KCS =7288.17000 PYG
1 KCS =3.59500000 QAR
1 KCS =4.57000000 RON
1 KCS =114.730000 RSD
1 KCS =75.2200000 RUB
1 KCS =4.23900000 SAR
1 KCS =9.97600000 SEK
1 KCS =1.44000000 SGD
1 KCS =0.00000000 STR
1 KCS =0.00000000 SVC
1 KCS =27.3000000 SZL
1 KCS =32.3400000 THB
1 KCS =2.02600000 TND
1 KCS =591.520000 TOP
1 KCS =7.74300000 TRY
1 KCS =9.17600000 TTD
1 KCS =35.5100000 TWD
1 KCS =2661.12000 TZS
1 KCS =28.5100000 UAH
1 KCS =3846.37000 UGX
1 KCS =1.04300000 USD
1 KCS =45.1400000 UYU
1 KCS =12824.7300 UZS
1 KCS =4189109.3900 VEF
1 KCS =15005.7600 VND
1 KCS =3.58900000 VTC
1 KCS =113.640000 VUV
1 KCS =0.00000000 WST
1 KCS =663.280000 XAF
1 KCS =0.01140000 XMR
1 KCS =699.840000 XOF
1 KCS =13.0800000 XPM
1 KCS =3.54700000 XRP
1 KCS =19.0700000 ZAR
1 KCS =21.3200000 ZMW


The KuCoin cryptocurrency is almost no different from other tokens of cryptocurrency exchanges such as CNX, BNB and others.

For the most part, KCS doesn't bring anything new to the table. This is a common token that is used for the customer rewards program.

However, it is worth noting that the project is active on Github, the main branches of which are updated every day. Plus active social networks.

The project has a huge chance for rate growth. Since this is an internal token of the exchange, they can easily pump it themselves. But when this will happen is unknown.

Secondly, KCS is still an altcoin, which means it also depends on Bitcoin, and when it starts to grow, the KCS rate may also rise after it.

Follow the news of this coin on our website, to do this, add it to your bookmarks!

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