Cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) - exchange rate chart against the ruble and dollar

About the coin

The coin was created in order to cooperate with all mobile operators in the world. At the moment, the developers have entered into an agreement with several mobile operators from different parts of the world. Some of them have more than 100 million users.

Each user of the mobile network with which ETN cooperates can pay for mobile services and also mine coins using their Android phone.

The goal is to conclude an agreement with all mobile network operators in the world, thereby attracting smartphone users to the digital economy. Become a single world currency for paying for mobile communications, and also be an electronic currency for purchasing/paying for goods or services.

Note that there are currently more than 2 million ETN users registered worldwide.


Electroneum (ETN) is an abundant cryptocurrency. Easy to use, based on a mobile application.

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Electroneum crowdsale success

Our token sale quickly reached its hard cap of $40 million and closed early, making it one of the most successful token sales to date, but even more exciting is that the number of contributors and registered users has exceeded 120,000 and 300,000 respectively. We thank everyone who purchased Electroneum and invested in its future.

With the investment we have received, we are further developing a cryptocurrency that is aimed at the 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide.

We have an app that allows you to manage your online funds by sending and receiving payments with the convenience of simply scanning a QR code, while taking you into entirely new realms by offering the user a cryptocurrency mining experience without the need for technical knowledge or specialized hardware software required for mining Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Cryptocurrencies are very difficult to access. The barriers to entry are too high for most people. Complex software, GPU mining rigs, sending personal identification data to unknown websites.

Electroneum makes it easy to access and use a super secure cryptocurrency that has all the benefits of Bitcoin and more. Transactions with Electroneum are faster and more anonymous. Did you know that anyone with your Bitcoin wallet's public address can see how many Bitcoins you have, as well as your entire transaction history?

Electroneum protects your transaction history and wallet contents from prying eyes, while leaving public transaction hashes available for technical recognition to confirm the authenticity of transactions.

Offline wallets protected from hacking

A Google search for “Bitcoin hacking” or “Ethereum hacking” will turn up dozens of stories of stolen cryptocurrencies. We have developed an offline wallet that is 100% secure. You can create as many offline wallets as you want (for free) and transfer the bulk of your Electroneum to these wallets.

If you imagine that every grain of sand in the world is a lottery ticket, the probability of someone gaining access to an offline Electroneum wallet is the same as the probability of each of those lottery tickets winning at the same time.

The Electroneum blockchain has launched! You can download the mobile app, however the launch of online and mobile wallets and the mobile miner has been delayed by us for security reasons and to protect your ETNs.

Development team

The project development team is completely open access. Please note that each participant in the project has real names (not nicknames) and live photographs. Most of them have links to the popular site “linkedin”, which, unfortunately, is blocked in Russia.

The team includes 21 members and the dog Ruby, who is called the project’s mascot.

Richard Ells is the founder. He co-founded the successful digital agency SiteWizard. Founded in 2013.

Chris Gorman OBE is an entrepreneur with a rich background in mobile, music, e-commerce and more. He has received numerous business awards including Ernst & Young UK E-Business Entrepreneur.

Jurgita Rhodes - experience in B2B, B2C, Fin Tech Digital, Media, News, technology, consulting and much more. She is the Chief Operating Officer of Electroneum.

Nick Cook is ETN's Chief Commercial Officer. He has 20 years of experience in the automotive, manufacturing and technology industries.

Conor Doyle is the project's marketer. Works in the advertising industry for more than 10 years.

James Atkinson - leads the Electroneum development team. James is also one of the developers of the "hands on" and "go to guy" app for Electroneum.

Barry Last - developers. Proficient in: CMS, CSS, XHTML, Apache, JavaScript, HTML, Subversion, XML.

Adam Atkinson leads Javascript development at Electroneum. He has extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies and works alongside exchanges that list Electroneum to provide them with the support they need.

Dean Cole is responsible for the development and maintenance of the project.

Chris Harrison - joined the ETN team as a core blockchain developer with a passion for financial technology and startup business development.

Andre Patta – joined the team as one of the blockchain advisors specialists. Online manager and community member.

Ben Whomsley is the head of UI/UX and is responsible for developing the website, Electroneum app interface, PDFs and manuals.

Costin Cristoi is a valuable member of Electroneum's application development team and is responsible for UI/UX integration and implementation. He has extensive experience in user interface design.

Robert Hopkins - graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in cryptography. Rob works with the development team, focusing on cryptography and security.

Terry Hunter - He works with the Electroneum development team, focusing on server applications.

Imogen Dale is the Head of Social Media. She monitors, analyzes and responds to community feedback.

Barbara Southwell has worked with Richard for over 17 years and has a degree in business management. She gained a wealth of knowledge in management, organization and marketing. Involved in training new staff.

Taylor Gorman - works with clients and partners in the business development department as a development manager.

Lisa – Works with helpdesk and social media groups to provide information, help and guidance to the community.

Sabrina – Provides customer support through social media and helpdesk. Sabrina represented Electroneum at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Bee - Works with the customer service team and provides customer support on social media. Bee works closely with the developers and marketing team to monitor user feedback.

Ruby the dog, Electroneum's mascot, provides the entire team with love and affection.


The launch of cryptocurrency took place in 2020. Electroneum Ltd has developed a crypto platform specifically for mobile devices. The goal of the project is to distribute digital assets for mobile and online games. On December 12 of the same year, an agreement was concluded with Hong Kong Joy Telecom Co., Limited (one of the leading telecommunications companies in East Asia), which promised ≈ 2 million potential users.

Since November 1, 2020, the American company HackerOne, specializing in exposing fraudulent schemes, has been auditing ETNs. The goal is to check the security system and test the platform for penetration by hackers. On December 13, 2017, the official mobile wallet application was launched, presented in 20 languages.

In May 2020, the number of active network users exceeded 1.5 million. On June 15, 2018, an agreement was concluded with the streaming platform Mobilegaming to promote the coin.

The objectives for the 1st quarter of 2020 were:

  • creation of a user base of 1 million people;
  • presentation of the asset on major exchanges;
  • increasing the Electronium working team;
  • launch of mobile mining.

Most goals have been successfully achieved. The following goals are planned for the 3rd quarter:

  • the number of “live” users is more than 3 million;
  • creating an instant payment;
  • launching a community application;
  • creation of a supplier catalog.

Mobile miner App was launched in test mode on January 31, 2018.


The ICO started on September 14, 2020. It was planned that it would last until November 1. Tokens were sold at a price of $0.01 USD.

Increased interest in the project led to the premature end of the ICO, as the upper limit (Hard Cap) of $40 million was reached. The closure took place on October 20. The attention of miners, investors and the media to the new crypto product contributed to the successful start of the project.

Road map

July 2020:

  • Creating a Project

September 14, 2020:

  • Start of ICO. The approximate end date is November 1, 2020. The planned ETN price is $0.01.

October 20, 2020:

  • Early closure of ICO. $40 million raised.

November 1, 2020:

  • HackerOne has begun a security audit of Electroneum.

December 12, 2020:

  • An agreement was signed with Hong Kong Joy Telecom Co., Limited, due to which the audience grew to 2 million users.

December 13, 2020:

  • Official launch of the ETN wallet and launch of the Android application with support for up to 20 languages

End of 2020

Goals for 1st quarter 2020:

  • 1 million online users
  • Reach up to 100 million users
  • Access to major exchanges
  • Development team expansion
  • Launching a mobile miner

January 9, 2020:

  • An agreement was signed with Xius

January 11, 2020:

  • Beta testing. Launching a mobile miner

January 17, 2020:

  • The first GSMA cryptocurrency. Participant at Mobile World Congress 2018

January 18, 2020:

  • An agreement has been concluded with Effortel

January 19, 2020:

  • Negotiations with the HitBTC exchange

January 22, 2020:

  • 765,000 online ETN users.

January 31, 2020:

  • An agreement has been concluded with redONE

February 7, 2020:

  • An agreement was concluded with WEBS AND APPS SDN BHD

February 23, 2020:

  • An agreement has been concluded with Xius

February 27, 2020:

  • Participation in Mobile World Congress 2018

March 5, 2020:

  • Mobile miner for Android

March 13, 2020:

  • Entering the KuCoin exchange

March 16, 2020:

  • Entering the Bitbns and CoinSpot exchanges

April 6, 2020:

  • Patent for the technology of instant cryptocurrency payments. Approved (1805708.3)

May 29, 2020:

  • Online more than 1.5 million users

May 30, 2020:

  • Blockchain network update

June 7, 2020:

  • Working on a film about cryptocurrencies

June 12, 2020:

  • The founder of the company speaks at the BCI Summit

June 15, 2020:

  • An agreement has been concluded with Mobile Streams

Future plans of the company:

  • More than 3 million online users
  • Community app
  • Creating a directory

Recommendations for buying cryptocurrency

The final daily trading volume using ETNs reached a respectable $1.5 million. Moreover, 90 percent of all such operations are carried out within two cryptocurrency exchange platforms – Kucoin and Cryptopia. On these exchanges, users can obtain ETN by purchasing it using Bitcoin. In other words, to purchase this asset, you will first have to purchase BTC for fiat money for the subsequent conversion of this cryptocurrency into Electrium.

As for online exchangers, the ETN coin is not yet available on such resources. Therefore, you should not trust advertisements on various thematic forums from users about the sale of this asset, as there is a high risk of becoming a victim of scammers and losing funds.

How to mine?

The coin works on the CryptoNight algorithm and is mined using ASICs, which means that mining this coin is impossible on video cards.

In order to start mining this coin, you need to buy special equipment - an ASIC. But remember that the ASIC of one model is designed for only 1 algorithm.

Note that ETN has repeatedly changed its algorithms throughout its life, and previously it always moved away from ASICs and only supported mining on video cards and CPUs.

Mobile mining

You can also mine coins using your smartphones running Android OS.

But even on powerful modern smartphones, you will spend pennies, the phone will discharge tens of times faster. In fact, such mining is not even for a power outlet.

Another disadvantage is that the phone heats up, which is not very good for it.

It’s up to you to decide whether to mine or not using smartphones!

CryptoNote algorithm, cryptocurrency for smartphones

Electronium (ETN) uses the CryptoNote protocol, which is used in anonymous cryptocurrencies (Bytecoin, Monero). Confidentiality in the system is ensured by using:

  • ring signatures;
  • disposable addresses.

The virtual coin was originally conceived as a cryptocurrency for smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronics. The creators call their “brainchild” the world’s first “public cryptocurrency.”

The mobile application is available on iOS and Android OS. You can download the software on the company’s official website

Where can I buy?

Electroneum cryptocurrency can be traded on the following exchanges:

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